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  1. Thanks for the observations on the Jazzmaster. I was interested in that very model (black) but had concerns about the bridge and saddles after reading of that issue in many reviews. It very hard for me to understand why Fender would bother to introduce a model with such serious issues. Why should someone have to use Loctite on a guitar that cost $450.00?!? I know $450 is not especially expensive for a guitar these days but really? Congrats on getting a better guitar!
  2. This entire thread is why I -- as a beginning guitar player -- love this forum!
  3. DMC59

    NEW LP

    My Birthday is also on St Pat's Day and I'm 1/4 Irish However, I don't have a Mrs. DMC59 so could Mrs. bigneil take pity on me and buy ME a new guitar? Congrats on the nice guitar!
  4. Thanks for posting that Crust -- much appreciated.
  5. Point well taken -- no danger of me becoming a gearhound -- I can't afford it! What got me thinking about this was fooling around on my daughter's mid level Squier Strat with its 9.5" radius and also messing around at GC. However, I am progressing with the neck on my G-400, so I don't want to make this radius thing too much of an issue. I am thinking if I buy a new guitar in the near future, it might make sense to try a different neck.
  6. As far as getting something "to play as I want", I figure as a beginner who wants to play "as I want" , I want an instrument at this time that will work as an all-around good learning tool. I think I've determined a 7.5" radius on a guitar I want as a primary guitar during this early beginning phase is just not right for me -- though I can imagine down the road it might be someting to consider in a 3rd or 4th guitar. The 9.5" radius seems like a good one to learn with, possibly on a HSS strat. Then there is what Notes said: "I think if you hang in there and simply put a little time in, your hand will learn how to play clean chords on a longer radius neck." The whole other angle here is I just want an excuse to buy a second guitar!
  7. I think you have a point there Notes. I'm lookng at 2-3 months down the road before buying something else, so I have more time to adjust/evaluate.
  8. Yes - That Jazzmaster at $450.00 interests me. Some online research gives me a good impression of it.
  9. That IS intriguing. Does Epi not currently offer a strat-like guitar because that niche is so well addressed in the marketplace already? Seems logical.
  10. Once I've mastered more chords, I'd like to explore Blues -- the basis for R&R after all -- so being able to do bends is important. I know Clapton uses a strat extensively but I figure he is using a 12" radius fret board (I'll have to check) Strat HSSs interest me for the variety of tone,etc... I realize one guitar may not do it all -- I know amps play a BIG part -- but now that I have a bit better idea about what I like in a neck, I am trying be judicious. I'm not in a financial position to own several guitars and tho that would be fun :), I don't think it is a necessity if I choose my 2nd guit and amp carefully. If I end up with a Fender, I'm looking at the $450 - $600 range -- in other words, MIM, which is fine with me. That Nighthawk still interests me!
  11. As some of you know, I purchased a used G-400 last summer as my first guitar. At the time, it was difficult to know what would be the best neck for me, which was why I bought used -- less investment if I decided the neck turned out to be wrong for me. As I understand it, the fret board radius on my G-400 is 12". For comparison, I've gone to GC and tried out Fender necks at 9.5" and I find them more comfortable for chording/chord changes. I realize my G-400 may be better for other applications further down the road, but for where I am at now -- learning chords, chord progressions -- the 9.5" seems the better radius for me. I'm a bit bummed because I am very interested in the versatility of the new Epi Nighthawk but I believe the fret board radius is also 12" -- please correct me if I am wrong. I would appreciate (as always) input from the forum members -- Should I be considering any other factors?
  12. Good suggestion, but if I were to go to a guitar tech, I would stay away from GC from a cost standpoint. Before I decided to replace my own pots, etc. on my G-400, I checked out the cost for this service at GC. It was $50.00 per component! One pot for $50.00. By the time I would have paid to have two tone pots and two volume pots replaced as well as the switch and jack, I would have paid more than I did for my used guitar! I hope all GCs aren't pricing this way -- maybe it is different in other regions.
  13. IMHO, unless you are very confident of your setup skills, I'd have a gutiar tech/luthier do that for you. My impression is that guitars are not typically well setup out-of-the-box. As someone new to guitars 7 months ago, I had my guitar setup at the store (with new strings)and I've had no issues with buzzing strings, etc... Good Luck!
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