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  1. I have foung the Epi P-90’s to be muted compared to a USA made P90. Am cautious about the new P-90 Pros for 2020.
  2. Sounds like you have an early 330. The Casino you refer to would be the same as the 330’s when the neck join was changed. If yours was/IRA a ‘59-‘62 or so it would be more desirable to most. Keith Richard’s Casino would be the same as the early ‘330’s.
  3. I will only own an epi that is either a new epi design like the wildcat, a Riv with mimi’s, etc. the Sheraton and Riv with full humbuckers are not an option for me.
  4. I want that one. Too bad they are not available.
  5. https://www.thestreet.com/story/14280618/1/gibson-guitar-may-default-if-company-can-t-refinance-its-debt.html
  6. I put the Special through a Vox as well as a Tele and a Standard. Fender feel so different for me put ok, the tone did not gra me, same with ths Standard but those P-90's on the Special were so great, better than my casino. Did not buy, $250, no wiggle room, on consignment
  7. Maybe a bag, maynot the right one. I am pretty sure I woll not buy it but want to look it over. If it was a Sorento it would be harder to walk. I love p-90's, love the Casino Coupe, but nothing like thr 1960 ES330 that I sold.
  8. Thank you, much appreciated. So what would it be worth, $150 or so?
  9. Thank you, the shop gave me the number over the phone, I do believe it is a refurb.
  10. He had a deal with Gretsch for many years. Later he and Gibson got together....
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