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  1. It's great, 60's neck plays like dream and sound as sweet as it looks !
  2. sharky007


    2014 Epiphone Florentine in Iced Tea, awesome dark tone and just a great player and sweet looking too....
  3. They are stock only swapped the volume and tone knobs...
  4. sharky007


    I got this one last week, Traditional Pro in Aqua Blue, this colour was not going to be available in Canada so I had to order it from GC. Didn't care much for the stock knobs so I changed them to Black speed knobs. Awesome colour, sounds amazing and plays like a dream. This is the second 2014 from Epiphone I have bought they are really knocking it out of the park with these. 1956 GT Pro..
  5. sharky007

    '14 Studio Pro

    Diggin mine in Teal Blue,
  6. Here are my 2013 CS 20th Anniversary Murphy Burst R9 and R8 Plain top,
  7. Got this one used, was in great shape but it's a tank @12lbs. Sounds great sustains forever..
  8. Pick this up last week, needed a Tele for my collection and at $400.00 great value. Neck is amazing and sounds sweet. Squire Classic Vibe in Butterscotch.
  9. mine stays in tune fine... this may help.. http://www.steinberger.com/media/StnbrgrGrlsTnrInstruc.pdf
  10. Looks like it says "seconds" on the back of the headstock...??
  11. Congrats, I got my Teal blue candy a month ago and what an awesome guitar.....
  12. Looks like a metric bridge with slot head screws... Rebaged Epip or Chinese fake???
  13. I just bought a Studio Pro and I can't believe how nice it is. Has a great neck and sounds outstanding. It's also a dream to play, for the money it is as nice to play as a Standard. Oh and the the candy teal blue is killer!!!
  14. I will tell you my story, I went to my local music store to order a 2014 Studio Pro. When I arrived my salesman informed me that he just had one come in for a customer in the Teal Blue. Which is the colour I was going to order. He asked me if I wanted to see it, normally they would not open it for other customers,but since I am a good customer they would show me the colour.We proceeded to the stock room and open the box and then the case. Opened the case and revealed the awesome candy teal blue paint. Then he turned it around and there was a dent in the back that was right into the wood. We both looked in horror. There was also a large L shaped cut in the bottom of the case and a hole in the box. Looks like the courier did a great job of damaging another guitar.So anyway they tried to call the customer but they were on they way to pick it up. I asked the sales guy what they were going to do with it if he didn't want it and he said they would discount it and I could buy it.I felt bad when the young guy and his dad walked in and they told them the bad news. He sat down and played it and decided they would wait to get another. So I played it and it rocked! So I was in the right place at the right time. Got for a great price and will pick it up in the morning. And here it is!
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