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  1. Happened to my G-400 but I bought a new strap and it stays in place :)
  2. I play in a band, want a loud amp I also have up to a 500$ Price range & Thanks for the welcoming
  3. Hey guys, yesterday I got a new guitar, the Epiphone SG G-400 and I am very pleased with the high quality sound. Even though Im young, only 13, I am very fond of the vintage noise coming from this guitar. I have a squire 10w amp that comes with the Fender Starcaster, my beginner guitar (started this Christmas) and want to change it to have my guitar sound a bit vintager [<-dont think thats a word] I also have the Fender 18" California Clear Vintage Cable, and sounds pretty nasty Anyways, any suggestions on the new amp? Add link please
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