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  1. Nice! Don't think they made too many of those. I'd love to own one some day, congrats!
  2. Any mention of it from them has disappeared, as far as I can tell. Sadly it looks like they've canceled it, to me.
  3. I'm pretty sure that's a GC/MF limited run. The pics on their site were probably a prototype, or one of the first ones built. The decision to go without the LP logo could have been made after the first one or two were built. Just a guess, though. Is it a gloss or faded/matte finish? And HNGD!
  4. Check these guys out: https://www.martinsixstringcustoms.com/store/index.php?ccUser=
  5. HNGD! But you gotta post some pics!
  6. Nice one, and great work. I love the silver!
  7. Nice! Did you go for one with the Tremotone, or without?
  8. LSAR

    GIBSON AVA ???

    Mmh...it's meant to look like one. It's fake.
  9. Musicians Friend has them, and so likely Music123 and Guitar Center do as well. You may be able to get one or order one in person at a Guitar Center store...
  10. Interesting decision, and welcome to the forum, by the way. Make sure to post some pics when you've got her all done up.
  11. Those were sold at Long & Mcquade in Canada for $349 a couple of months ago. You can likely still find one in most of their stores, or they can likely get another store to ship one to them, for $349.
  12. The problem is that SGs are so thin that it isn't possible to install a floating Floyd, however they can be modded to accomodate a non-floating floyd, as this person did: They did make the SG Extreme (I think that's the correct name) with a Floyd, however it had a thickened body and a bolt on neck: The "Extreme" probably didn't do too well because it was just plain ugly, but a thickened and routed out SG has a fairly limited market, mostly in the metal community. If Epi were to make one it would likely be blackish and have EMGs, and even then most of the market it's made to appeal to will go look at Ibanez or Jackson first.
  13. Scroll to the last page of this document for the wiring diagram you'll need: http://www.emgpickup..._0230-0106D.pdf With current EMGs you have to use their provided electronics, and "Quick Connect" system. In order to do this, you will have to enlarge the pot holes, and possibly the routing between your pickup cavities and the control cavity. EMGs provided pots are mini pots, so they leave a fair bit of room behind them in the control cavity, which leaves lots of room for the battery. The problem you'll likely encounter is the Battery buss, as it's larger then the battery, and really doesn't fit anywhere, so you may have to do some routing within the cavity to make it fit. The reason that the battery buss is needed is that EMG offers nothing in the way of toggle switches (though they do have "Quick Connect" Fender style switches available). So, you'll have to provide your own toggle switch, and solder the wires onto the switch, and then at the other end of these wires, they go into the little set screw clamps on the battery buss. EMGs are a bit of a pain in the a$s, and before you take the plunge you may want to look into other options, and be totally sure they're the only thing that can work for you. Seymour Duncan Blackouts or Livewires could be good active alternatives. Gibson, DiMarzio, Seymour Duncan, all make good passive alternatives, at lower prices than a set of EMGs. If you want to stick with the EMG price range though, you could look into Lace, who make a load of alternatives that will likely sound much better than EMGs, or some other boutique manufacturers.
  14. Nice one! I like the contrast of the maple on all the black.
  15. LSAR

    SG Tremolos

    Looks like something from a Wilshire, maybe...
  16. It's not something that would interest me, even if I was in the market for a Gibson, but they also come in two other finishes: Ebony Pinstripe Some kind of red:
  17. You'll have to upload them to a file sharing site like Imageshack, Photobucket, etc. and then copy and paste the direct links into the "Insert Image" tool above the text box when you post. That's how I do it, anyway. I don't think I've heard of a fake of this model in the past though, and by the way it's a 1967 Flying V.
  18. There is a model with that style of pickguard and that control layout. Post pics of the full front as well as the front and back of the headstock and we can tell you more.
  19. I'm not so sure I like your Iommi spam.
  20. I like the Explorer, and the Wilshire with neck binding. It's a finish I would have to see in person before I could seriously consider it, though.
  21. These are pretty expensive, but hey should be an exact match. Just remove the old ones, pop in the new ones and string her up again.
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