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  1. Why are there John Sykes '68's and '78's?
  2. Yup a USA came out today. Where's the Custom shop?
  3. Call Saul at Centre City Music in San Diego. That's where I got mine. Or Wildwood in Colorado. Stay far away from GC/MF, they are way over priced.
  4. Are they part of the Historic line? if not, then why are they called '68's?. A lot of us would like a detailed answer because it is the reason we spent thousands of $$$ on this particular instrument. thanks
  5. Yes, the one in the pic is but there is an advertisement for a new Slash on the Custom site so I would have to assume one will be coming soon.
  6. Well, I just realized that the "Slash inspired by" goldtop advertisement is on the Gibson Custom site so I have to assume we will all see it shortly.
  7. Better ask somebody. [-X/ I'm sure this is the USA but I really want to know if there will be a Custom Shop to join my Slash VOS
  8. So the Gibson Custom site has a tag that reads "Slash Inspired by Goldtop". Here's a pic of it with the Skull/Bones logo on the headstock. Will there be a custom shop version or just a USA? And when can we expect it to become available?
  9. It's been 3 months. I bought my Slash VOS April 1st and sent in the form on Aprl 2nd. No one I know has gotten theres yet. Any info? Please don't say you don't know.
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