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  1. I'm looking at LP modles that would be new @ $350 or less and will most likely buy used unless I find a goodsale. Obiously there are reasons certain models cost more, but often it's just "Bling" So out of the models below, which is the best value or "bang for the buck". Special II 100 Studio Limited Edition Special SC Oh yeah and I know that for Just "X" dollars more I could get the next best one, but I'd really like to limit to the above. Thanks
  2. I really like the look of the Black Prophecy and moreso the Silver Sunburst '66 version, but being this is my first real venture into guitar, I couldn't justify it. Maybe a year from now, when I've got some playing time under my belt I'll contemplate spending some more money if the G-400 isn't giving me everything I want. That said, I doubt I'd get another one that's nearly the same (although there are obvious differences). I would love a Black American Special Strat HSS or a PRS SE Custom Semi-Hollow in Natural. Those to me are two of the sexiest guitars ever. One can dream. Anyway - is there anything in the G-400 I might see myself want to replace right away besides strings? I imagine everything should be just fine to learn on.
  3. Yeah, I know for sure the tuners are all the same. I just inspected all 3 yesterday. I was however not aware of any electronics differences. It appears that's correct though. The 1966 and the Faded have Alnico Classics, and the G-400 has Alnico V's. I'm not sure if one is better, might just be a personal preference.
  4. Howdy. I'm just learning in the guitar world, but I've learned a lot quick and have been told I'm a good student. I'm in a dangerous place, can mess around just enough to actually plug in to an amp at the local store but have long ways to go. Anyway, I discovered a love affair with the feel and look of the SG/G-400 body style and sound. However my virgin ears are not tuned enough to tell a lot of subtle differences that many more experienced players can. So to my question - are the differences between the above models purely aesthetic? Is it just a looks thing? I don't mind the differences in price (although I actually prefer the less expensive "faded" finish), but I don't want to pay more just for gloss that ends up as a fingerprint magnet. Thanks for any clarification and look forward to furthering my affair with these great instruments.
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