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  1. Well my Vox comes with a preset for Paranoid, so no excuses I guess!
  2. Nice setup. I only have a tiny room to play in and so the VT15 is perfect for me.
  3. That's the one! It plays like a dream! Along with my Vox VT15 it is amazing, can do clean very well and then straight into a nice meaty, dirty rhythm line! Just trying to learn Iron Man now to do it proud!
  4. Hi An Update! I visited PMT in Birmingham today and after trying a couple of guitars and some help from the very friendly and not at all pushy staff. I came away with a lovely Tony Iommi Signature G400 and a Vox VT15. I have had a little play on it this evening and it is amazing so glad I went for this as I was torn between the G400, A ESP Vyper and a Schecter PT Tele. This guitar is amazing. According to the Serial Number decoder thread it was made in Feb this year at factory 15. I am so happy with it. My wife is going to get some photos of it so I can put them up here for you all to admire. Thanks for all the help guys, and I can whole heartedly recommend PMT in Birmingham, I even managed to haggle some money off the price! Thanks
  5. Thanks for the responses so far. With regards cost I have a budget of about £300. Thanks
  6. Hi My first post here so hello all. I am very much a fan of the Gison SG shape and sound, I think it is amazing. As I can't afford to buy a Gison USA SG I am looking at opting for the Epiphone G-400. What I would like to know is: 1. Would you buy new or 2nd hand (could you recommend the best places to get both) 2. Is it easy to spot a fake one? 3. Could you recommend some reputable online retailers and if possible some good shops in the West-Midlands/Warwickshire Area? Thanks in advance. Bobby
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