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  1. This thread has just the right amount of Wilshire!
  2. In my personal opinion, I think Epiphone only made the 'true' Schenker V as part of the Guitar of the month promotion in 2005 as paruwi6172 pointed out (although it has no reference to Schenker, it pretty much is as close as epiphone will get to his guitar), and the guitar in post #12 is simply an older model 1967 V with a modded paint job.
  3. [random post] Hey supernova nice to see a fellow Lancashire'man, I live up the road in Lancaster! [/random post]
  4. Very nice! I like what you've done with the casino. I have my eyes on that amp (if its the one I'm thinking of with the wattage changer). I love my Wilshire, its definitely my favourite guitar now, but most pictures online don't do it justice.
  5. Beautiful guitar! I really don't understand why epiphone don't make them like this all the time.
  6. I bet that thing sounds like hell :0 (maybe that was his intention) :-
  7. Hey guys, this is my first (proper) post. Just wanted to show you guys some pics of my Epiphone Wilshire 66, in worn cherry which arrived the other day :- I am very happy with it so far, the quality of it is good. I have never had a satin finished guitar before and it just looks and feels great to me! I hope to post a few more pics soon!
  8. I had one of these, you hit the green dog for a hendrix voodoo vibe, and middle button just plays stairway :P
  9. wow! that is rather tasty for a first guitar, nice!
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