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  1. I've seen LP's with pickguards on both sides... I could never tell if that was an original thing... Now THIS: Stevie Vais Guitar?!
  2. Thats gotta be the most beautiful thing I ever seen in my life!
  3. Some feeedback is normal... Depends on a lot of things. What you may want to do, is purchase either a Boss ME-50, or a Jim Dunlop volume pedal. I use the volume in my Boss ME-50, works great. But if the noise comes THROUGH that, when the volume is all the way off, and there are situations where that can happen... Then you gotta problem The first thing ya gotta find out, is, does the squealing STOP when ya roll the volume pot all the way out? Cos if it keeps making noise even then, THEN ya have the problem I had. I use to have a Lab Series L-11 and later an L-5, first amp I ever had where I had absolutely NO need for any stomp boxes of any kind. I could roil back the volume, and get clean sharp tone, or flip over to the neck PU and get fat rhythm - But at Balls Out, it screamed and screeched. But holding my hand over the PUs did not stop feedback, cos playing at a loud volume through a 200 watt head, unless yer far away from it, and in a good room, its gonna squeal like a dunghill rat! Later I had an Original, Prototype Peavey Renown (160 watt version w/Scorpions) - Now THAT, was RMS and even louder then the Lab series... And it DIDN'T feed back with any of my guitars... I had a Gibson RD77 Artist as well as my '76 Les Paul Custom and my 1982 G and L F100. NONE of those axes fed back through that amp, even in LEAD mode with FULL saturation. But, I Had the 3-button Automixer/Combiner and I could easily switch from lead to crunch. But I never had any trouble with that. My Kramer, Hamer both had humbuckers, never squawked. But my 2001 Les Paul Jr, had a single coil PAF - And it made SO much noise it was unplayable- And I require a guitar where I can control the NOISE. I traded that for my Flying V. Now, if you have ANY kind of Les Paul, copy or no, Original or Epi, or even Samick or Elektra, you SHOULD NOT be getting any kind of HIGH PITCHED, uncontrollable squealing, that does not stop when you put your hand over the pickups. From 5 to 10 feet away, you ought to be able to play out of a JCM 800 with a ProCo RAT with the Distortion On, and you should be able to control the feedback by changing your stance, or moving your hand. But it should STOP by flipping the switch to a PU with the volume down. So, none of my guitars got any feedback I didn't want, but for one guitar, my 1986-9 Korean Samick SG G-400. I first played that guitar n 1995, used it through 96. It was GIVEN to me in 98. It NEVER fed back, but when I got it, it DID. The guy who gave it to me, took OUT the original pickups, replaced em with HOTROD pickups. Fortunately, he left the original pickups in there. So, the first time I tried to play this guitar live, it SKWANKED and SQUIBBLED and HONKED and HOOTED, and it made SO much noise I hadda UNJACK it. I never used it for live after that, but when I played though my Line 6, for recording sessions, it sounded OK. But what I noticed, was, EVEN with the VOLUMES ALL THE WAY DOWN, this thing STILL squealed like a dripping wet oiled PIG. Totally uncontrollable feedback. I can assure you, if you have SWAPPED OUT your original Epi pickups without really researching the replacement - You were probably getting a HIGH PITCHED SQUEAL. I finally STUCK THE ORIGINALS back IN about 9 months ago - I played my FIRST show with it, in December 2009 - I played 4 songs, not a shred of squealage! It sounded like a regular Epi SG G-400 sposed to sound. So, check out that link if there is a fix they posted, I don't know it this was an electrical problem, bad pots, a bad Jack, or maybe even a cold solder joint - A Cold Solder Joint will Also, cause all kinds of piggy grunts and other unpleasant noises! PS and ad I just noticed ya say ya got original PUs, then you dont have the overbloated Duncans I had in mine... So check all of your solder joints in there, does that have any active electronics in it?
  4. Ah, jerry, well regardless of how many times he may have blasted that URL in this forum, this was my first thread, and I did not know that this guy goes around doing that. K-Reist, I have a guy over at the AABB forums, and my 13th floor forum, A+1 First rate TROLLbait, posts all kinds of posts about current events, with LINKS to "Articles" which are cleverly written apologetics for the CRUTCH of Science-Fiction-Ology! But even over there, we tolerate the guy cos hes mostly harmless, AND, he does know a lot about guitars, especially even Epiphones. ANYWAY, he didn't bother me, and actually I don't care if someone "always" tells me to look in another forum, as long as someone ELSE will come along like you did, and direct me to EXACTLY what I wanted to know. Ya know in 1998 through about 2002, you actually COULD type in what you are looking for into Google, or even Lycos or Yahoo, and an Answer would come up. But today? When I typed in various queries about my guitar, it directed me to about 5,000 sites that simply were MIRRORING my Exact Question. FUG a DUCK dangint! If I WANTED to search for Search engines I would DO it! That pisses me off to the extreme, thank you! But some guy who has a need to tell me to look over at MyLesPaul.con all the time, well, I WILL look there, at first, but if I find out that my questions are NOT answered there to my satisfaction, then believe u me, *I* will join in and tell Kojack-Cujo to FOOOK OOOF. But as far as in this my first thread here, he didn't do me any harm and I found interesting info over there. So for now, he gets a "Get Outta Troll-Jail Free" card form me... At least this time, Heh. Yah I LOVE the shape of those Crestwoods, the one I almost bought was a Coronet, very similar to that one up there. I remember I wanted one cos I thought I saw Steve Marriott from Humble Pie using one. And every pic of Marriott, he's always about 3 to 4 feet in the air! Typical pics of Humble Pie are shots of their feet hanging in mid air, I wish I could have seen them, but by the time they toured here, Framton was replaced with Clem Clemson. Not that he was bad, but I used to listen to Stone Cold Fever about 100 times a day, that, and all the rest of the Marriott pie songs. To tell the truth, the Vox BULLDOG was VERY like a crestwood - Although the body was kiped from a Mozrite, the electronics there, are EXACTLY how the bulldog looked. That too was a fine guitar, I could tell when I was dis-assembling it, how well it was made. But I went too far and I was not able to put it back together... I WANTED to stick these humbuckings in it, and I actually even widened one of the pickups holes to get it in. Anyway, so, my Korean, Samick, G-400 has any value? The reason why I even came here and asked about it, was because of the missing serial number, does that hamper the value any? Anyway I don't really care about monetary value, I care about playability - That is real value to me. The best guitars I've had have all been something just a little less expensive... By Guild D-25 compared to my Martin D-28, My G and L F100, My Kramer Stryker ST100, my Hamer Diablo USA. That Hamer Diablo - Guitar center pissed me off... They offered about 500 on my brand new Les Paul Jr, which I paid 800 for... But my Hamer was a 1400 dollar Axe! They offered me 100 bucks on it... I flipped the headstock over, and the guys eyes popped out when he saw "Made in USA" stamped there. Gave me another 400. That was about the best deal I ever did for a Trade at GC, mostly cos the manager that was handling me was a friend, so he offered me a lot more than they normally do- Else, I would have tried to sell those axes privately. But, from the moment I saw the V hanging on the wall, a Black V, I played it for about an hour and a half just to make sure.. I HAD to have it! They wanted 1200 bucks, with the 800 credit they gave me, I got away with spending 200 more. But now, they have V's just like mine hanging up there... 1500, 1700, 2000 bucks! Old 60's Strats... 5000 bucks! 70's Les Pauls- 3000 bucks! I think the new "Balloon" is Guitars... Cos most of the people who buy and sell them just for VALUE sake... They don't even play them, these things are just COMMODITIES to them! It will be a dark day in Hades when the price drops out of the bottom of Guitar Values... but maybe it SHOULD do that. This is no prod at the PLAYER who buys and sells a lot of guitars. My beef is only with the people who just HOARD guitars and never play them at all.
  5. PS Paru-guy or what your name is, I was just pointing out, that a SHILL usually posts all kinds of self-indulgent links (like I just did, Haha!) - So since kojak or whatever his name is, didn't inundate me with his personal links, I didn't take his suggestions to go to the other place as any kind of shill activity. I DID find a couple of clues about my guitar in there, there is a great thread about all kinds of Fakes! I never realised how many fakes are around. But, that forum is kind of graphics heavy and my poor little laptop choked it. If THAT makes anyone happy, eh? hehe
  6. The INLAY on the headstock - Is a lot Nicer than on mine. On mine, certain letters in the word "Epiphone" are chopped off on the top. Also, the guitars in the pics here, all have what looks like the german made Tunomatic bridges, and covered pickups. But the SHAPE of the headstock is like mine, *like* a Gibson, but narrower on the top, getting wider on the bottom.
  7. Jerrymac: Yah. YAH. See, I've got over 35 years Guitar Center experiences. I was a kid when I first went in, with my dad, and I was Looking at one of those 60's Epiphones, I forget the model name, they have a fender-type headstock, but an SG-type body - I almost got that one, but instead, I got an italian made Vox Bulldog. I took that apart, I wish I would not have done that, cos it was a nice guitar - Mozrite shaped body, 3 Single coil Pickups. Heavy Laquer. I got my first Les Paul, for 500 bucks, from there, in 1977, it was only one year old, I used to have the Warranty card for it! I played that thing until it fell apart! Amazing, how something that was worth 500 bucks is now worth over 3,000- but I sold the Body of that Les Paul for 100 bucks cos I did not have the hardware anymore, someone stole it... So I couldnt do anything with it. But a guitar dont hafta be a vintage guitar to be a good guitar, after I lost the Les Paul, I bought a Hamer Diablo USA, I used that for 12 years, it was a good guitar but high maintainance- I traded it eventually, along with my 2001 Les Paul Jr, for my 1994 Flying V. And then, 3 months after I got the V... Some TURD... Our old bass Player, STEPPED on my Neck Pickup, destroyed it! Broke the plastic, I had to get a black pickup holder to mount it to the remaining plastic V picguard. That was a huge tangent... Anyway, I remember, being in Guitar Center on El Cajon Blvd, around 1988, I remember that it was THAT year cos my mom was dying, And I remember SEEING these Korean Les Pauls and SGs... Les Pauls, 600 bucks, SGs 300. I MAY have been lookng at the exact SG I got now. But when I looked at the back, I thought it was a cheesy thing to do, to have the serial number on a piece of paper! It'll come off! But what was TOLD, and I dont know about the truth of this, is that these Korean SGs and Pauls, were actuyally BODIES made in the US, but the rest of it done in Korea. This is what the guy ar Guitar Cenetr told me, but well youo know Guitar Center, sometimes they emply people who just make up any story to make a sale.
  8. Hey u guys chill on the shill, It's My thread, and he just pointed me to another source of info, thats all, I'm grateful for it, and if I'M not complainin about him postin a link to http://mylespaul.com/forums/ - So youse guys oughtta take a break from continuing to pound the guy for it, cos all he did was post a link to http://mylespaul.com/forums/ I did not TAKE his posting the link to http://mylespaul.com/forums/ as any kind of shillage, I took it as the guy was trying to point me to another source of info which happened to be at http://mylespaul.com/forums/. If I didn't give a poop that he posted a link to http://mylespaul.com/forums/ -then you guys ought to care if he posted a link to http://mylespaul.com/forums/ It's MY topic, and I don't care if he posts a link to http://mylespaul.com/forums/ or even to http://socialspit.com or even http://iacmusic.com/socialspit or OR or even.. Well, ya see my point? Ya dig? Oh Nyah, leave the guy who mention the G-310 alone too, why dontcha! Honestly, if ya wanna do flame wars go to http://artistareabulletinboard.yuku.com/forums/1 I didnt read ALL of the board rules, so if therer is a policy about po0stingn a BUNCH of links, I just broke it... And I apologize, just trying to make a point, usually I don't post links unless they got something to do with the topic at-hand.
  9. Hahaha Hey u guys I don't care if the guy quoted from 3 weeks ago or 1 day ago, or pointed me to MyLesPaul or My Tiesco! I investigated everything that was said, and even though mine was not a G-310 I found out what IS one.... Honestly, I thought SG's were SGs never knew they had a number. And Now I'm about 99.9 % shure what My guitar is, so theres no beef from me about any of the responses I got! And I did get plenty of info from the other forum as well, I would have gone there today, but I don't need to right away. Maybe I'll go there and ask about my pickups, cos I think someone took out the original Epi pickups and put some shite pickups in there.. Ya know I usedta have an Ibanez Iceman, Bolt on Neck, from the Mid 80's - And it had a LOT of the same hardware... I still got the bridge for that, but the pickups were pretty much the same was what's in my SG. Well, maybe I'll go to the "Sell" forum and see how much this is worth. Thanx all
  10. Ok - Thanks for all your input, I think I have positively ID'd this: http://forums.epiphone.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=11804 I remember seeing THESE at guitar center: That's as close to mine as two peas! The TUNING KEYS = Exactly like mine! As he says: PUPs, Bigsby, Knobs NOT Stock, but That is the same Colour as mine - My pics look darker, no flash n my camera. Here is the catalogue page for it: I THINK thats IT. Thanx all! Well, last q: Is this a decent guitar? I mean when I play it, it just FEELS like an SG. I'm hoping to get real Gibson humbuckers, and real Gibson tuning keys. They say the BODY is some kind of hardwood - Not mahogany. But when I look at the GRAIN on the body.... Looks like Mahogany to me, did they coat it with veneer?
  11. Ah! Yah, that "Epiphone" on the headstock looks like mine - Kinda chopped off at the top. I can make out what looks like the number "2" on the back of the headstock, in certain lights. - Or a letter "Z" - It is part of a raised section, very hard to see- In between the top two tuning keys. There is also, by the tuning key corresponding to the "A" string - either a 5-point star, or something like an "Anarchy" symbol, kind of like an "A" with a line through it. I'll try to take pics of it tomorrow. OK I looked at it again, it is like an Upside Down "Yen" symbol, it's a five point star, where the top 3 points are at 90 degrees to each other, but the bottom two form like the bottom half of the letter A, and they all join in the middle. Those are the only markings on the back. The NUT - The NUT on mine is Black. There is NO binding on the side of the neck, so it does not have Gibson-style frets, which are cut to fit the binding, these are hammered into the neck like a Strat.Even LP Standards, have frets that are cut to fit the length of each fret perfectly. The Bridge! It is NOT a real tuno-matic Bridge made in Germany, the posts are too thick and missing the thumbscrew. My Flying V has a real tunomatic bridge, this one is close, but the holes are too thick, have screw slots in them. The Pickups, I had them out when I was working on it - NO markings on the bottom, real humbuckers, have the Henrys marked on the bottom, usually one coil is 3 Henrys and the other is 1, for Bridge pickups, least it was for my Les Paul. Someone had put "hotrod" pickups in this thing, I took them OUT! Stuck the originals back in, sounds better - Actually, sounds like modern Epi SGs sound. I'll take better picks of the hardware, again, tomorrow.
  12. Last 5 years? I've bought several guitars from my local Pawn shops! I got a "Dean" Playmate for 88 bucks, basically, a Strat w/ a humbucker - I took the pickup plate off and replaced it with a Strat pickup plate... Then I found a brand new Fender Acoustic for the trade of a bunch of junk I had... Finally, I bought a Jackasson guitar, a Dinky body style, three Seymour Duncan's, for a hundred-fifty - Only problem with THAT guitar, needs to be tuned, set up... The intonation was WAY off... Neck is a dream, sound is your basic Heavy Mental, and its got an upside-down headstock. The trick is, NEVER tell the shop they got something decent, and try to get them to come down to about 150 or less... Right now, the same pawn shop, has a Jackasson, "Warrior" style 2-Humbugging + Floyd Rose, for 300 bucks, its actually a very nice guitar. But I loathe and despise "Warrior" shapes!
  13. I have a tool, a ratchet of the same size as the nut, attached to a skrewdriver handle. I keep it around, as I have several guitars AND amps where the 1/4" jack gets loose! I solved some of it by totally replacing the jack, and/or using washer with teeth on the inside, plus a little "lock-tight"
  14. You guys MAY have answered a question about what this Epiphone SG I have is: http://forums.epiphone.com/default.aspx?g=posts&m=194963post194963 The headstock on my SG is just like the one on the black G-400 posted, except that I have no extra inlay or designs on the headstock. Problem is, there is NO serial number on mine: The first year I ever saw it, was 1994? Maybe 96, it was given to me in 1998. So I either have one of these Japanese ones, or mine is a fake of some sort, or maybe even a factory second. Think one of you guys can check out my link see what I've got?
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