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  1. The volute and stamped oval serial number make '73 likely correct.
  2. Looks like a parts guitar to me. The body has metric hardware and the layout of a Epi special II. The neck looks a lot more worn then the body and it looks like a Korean era epi truss rod cover also.
  3. Yikes. There is so much wrong with that...
  4. I got one purely out of boredom and how cheap the package was. Guitar looks neat and is perfectly serviceable. The amp ended up in the bin pretty quick. Very unpleasant sounding thing.
  5. I just got my junior a few weeks ago....first Gibson too! Love it. ...my wife says you all have to ignore the ratty couch in the background.
  6. I think that commercial sums up most people. I would wager outside of guitar players there are few who could tell you who Les Paul was or what he looked like.
  7. I think the biggest give away are the "shipping plastics" on the pups.....If it wasn't a knockoff of a Supreme and just a custom, it would no doubt have that stupid sticker on the pot cavity cover that so many fakes have.
  8. Is it just me or is Henry sporting the worlds thinnist moustache in that video clip?
  9. I say go the Barry Gibb route and put a pick guard on both sides to add symmetry to the guitar....
  10. My new junior also smells like vanilla. It pretty much the greatest smell I have ever smelt.
  11. This is my favorite place to lurk!
  12. Found this pic.... http://acapella.harmony-central.com/showthread.php?p=41120899
  13. Dang if only I hadn't returned to the student life i would snap one of them up.....on a side note anyone know why you can't find a epi lp junior in Canada...it's maddening!
  14. This guitar is a total case of photoshop! [YOUTUBE]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-XfnkLdkjo&feature=related[/YOUTUBE]
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