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  1. The metric bridge is a giveaway. The headstock is all kinds of wrong and you can see that the truss rod cover has what looks like a fake screw at the bottom to hide the fact that there is no wood under it because it has a the wrong type truss rod nut. It will have a slot for a allen wrench instead of a nut.
  2. Check out this page. Based on your single photo it is likely a Les Paul 300 Standard.
  3. The headstock is legit....the weird pinstriping tape is not.
  4. Yes I had a guitar like that once. I sent it back. Not worth the hassle of fighting with it when you can get a better example.
  5. I don't recall ever seeing a bolt-on epi v like that. Looks more like a diy kit, possibly a Saga or similar. Generally looks pretty rough so I wouldn't advise spending very much on it imo.
  6. I got a new 2020 Junior a few weeks back. It was definitely the strings. I think it's just a cost cutting exercise. Like many people the first thing I do when I bring a new guitar home is restring it with my favourite brand. Why bother putting quality strings on if people are going to bin them anyways. Also on the finger chemistry side of things, A few years ago I was a much heavier man and my greasy sweat was like acid on guitar strings. Strings used to turn black and gross every couple weeks. Dropped a bunch a weight and now I don't have that problem and also found out that fat feet are thing and went down 2 shoe sizes.
  7. Those are real. They talk about them over here: https://www.mylespaul.com/threads/les-paul-traditional-bridge-studs.375628/
  8. Is it the model with tremolo? http://schems.com/bmampscom/gibson/ea_50t-pacemaker-trem.pdf This schematic says 8ohms.
  9. http://www.epiphonewiki.org/index/Bohemia_Musico-Delicia.php The above link is probably the most detailed info about the Czech made LPs on the web.
  10. How tight is it? Could you possibly tie something rigid (like a guitar string) to the wire and pull it through? Or if there is a outer sheath on the pickup wire you could strip it off to make it a bit thinner.
  11. I'd say that most of those issues are cosmetic and it's down to you how much to tolerate them. On the dirty fingers it's definitely the strings. Change them and the problem will go away.
  12. Look like a G-400 quilt top. Details here: http://www.epiphonewiki.org/index/SG.php#G-400_Quilt_Top According to this post it retailed for $449 new.
  13. Those other pics look ok. Have you sent the serial number off to Gibson customer support yet? I'd be curious to what details they can provide. It's a cool model all I can assume is it is a special run that just hasn't been documented very well (like so many of them).
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