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  1. I have devised a new foolproof system to relic guitars. It takes between 2 weeks and 6 years and works on both solid bodies and acoustics. The results are always unique and require little in the way of tools, but does require a few friends and a few common vices. Step one: Give guitar to a small child and let them drag it around the house for about 2 weeks. This will simulate years of bump damage and introduce a variety of swirls and scratches. If the child is artistic, randomly place a Sharpie nearby and leave the room for about 20 minutes. You should return to find some neat patterns drawn on the guitar. (You may find the designs not to your liking, if this is the case try removing them with some goo-gone or similar, it will help damage the finish and let the sharpie bleed into the wood) Step two: Take up smoking and buy a few cartons. You may already smoke so might have some super kings to hand already. When playing the guitar be sure to always chain smoke, this will stain things yellow and add the rich smell of tobacco to the guitar. Play the guitar at least 3 hours per day and take it out and busk on a street corner on weekends. (This step can be done over many years of playing and could allow you to skip all the other steps) Step three: Buy some cases of beer and invite friends over. Do this weekly (daily if you can manage it) and play guitar while drinking beer. Allow drunk friends to also play the guitar and be sure to spill at least 2 beers per session in the sound hole. Have a lot of fun with this one. Take it on camping trips, play it near open fires, etc. Step four: Arrange for a friend or relative to "steal the guitar" when you go away on holiday. Let them know you expect them to remove or damage the serial number and maybe attempt a poor refinish with a can of cheap spray paint. Much like the child in step one, a friend who is artistic will really do a nice job here. When they are done tell them to take it to a local pawn shop. Step five: Buy the guitar back from local pawn shop for $50 bucks. (Someone might buy it before you, so you may need to skim craigslist or ebay for a bit until it pops back up again) Step six: Visit a guitar forum and ask for tips on how to strip and refinish guitar you just scored at the pawn shop as the finish looks warn and the guitar smells like beer and cigarettes. This system is entirely cyclical and can be repeated multiple times until desired effect is achieved. Good luck!
  2. Have a look here: http://www.epiphonewiki.org/index/Acoustic_Guitars.php I''m sure you'll find it in there somewhere.
  3. Here are some more details on the model: http://www.epiphonewiki.org/index/PR-Series.php#PR-350.2FS.2FE The epiphone by gibson headstocks were an 80s thing so 86 seems about right.
  4. The metric bridge is a giveaway. The headstock is all kinds of wrong and you can see that the truss rod cover has what looks like a fake screw at the bottom to hide the fact that there is no wood under it because it has a the wrong type truss rod nut. It will have a slot for a allen wrench instead of a nut.
  5. Check out this page. Based on your single photo it is likely a Les Paul 300 Standard.
  6. The headstock is legit....the weird pinstriping tape is not.
  7. Yes I had a guitar like that once. I sent it back. Not worth the hassle of fighting with it when you can get a better example.
  8. I don't recall ever seeing a bolt-on epi v like that. Looks more like a diy kit, possibly a Saga or similar. Generally looks pretty rough so I wouldn't advise spending very much on it imo.
  9. I got a new 2020 Junior a few weeks back. It was definitely the strings. I think it's just a cost cutting exercise. Like many people the first thing I do when I bring a new guitar home is restring it with my favourite brand. Why bother putting quality strings on if people are going to bin them anyways. Also on the finger chemistry side of things, A few years ago I was a much heavier man and my greasy sweat was like acid on guitar strings. Strings used to turn black and gross every couple weeks. Dropped a bunch a weight and now I don't have that problem and also found out that fat feet are thing and went down 2 shoe sizes.
  10. Those are real. They talk about them over here: https://www.mylespaul.com/threads/les-paul-traditional-bridge-studs.375628/
  11. Is it the model with tremolo? http://schems.com/bmampscom/gibson/ea_50t-pacemaker-trem.pdf This schematic says 8ohms.
  12. http://www.epiphonewiki.org/index/Bohemia_Musico-Delicia.php The above link is probably the most detailed info about the Czech made LPs on the web.
  13. How tight is it? Could you possibly tie something rigid (like a guitar string) to the wire and pull it through? Or if there is a outer sheath on the pickup wire you could strip it off to make it a bit thinner.
  14. I'd say that most of those issues are cosmetic and it's down to you how much to tolerate them. On the dirty fingers it's definitely the strings. Change them and the problem will go away.
  15. Look like a G-400 quilt top. Details here: http://www.epiphonewiki.org/index/SG.php#G-400_Quilt_Top According to this post it retailed for $449 new.
  16. Those other pics look ok. Have you sent the serial number off to Gibson customer support yet? I'd be curious to what details they can provide. It's a cool model all I can assume is it is a special run that just hasn't been documented very well (like so many of them).
  17. Any chance of more pics? Might just be the angle but the heel of the neck on that looks really odd. I couldn't find any references to such a model. I did find a forum post where someone asked about the weight reductioin of a regular DC to see if they could modify one to have an f-hole.
  18. The volute and stamped oval serial number make '73 likely correct.
  19. Looks like a parts guitar to me. The body has metric hardware and the layout of a Epi special II. The neck looks a lot more worn then the body and it looks like a Korean era epi truss rod cover also.
  20. Yikes. There is so much wrong with that...
  21. I got one purely out of boredom and how cheap the package was. Guitar looks neat and is perfectly serviceable. The amp ended up in the bin pretty quick. Very unpleasant sounding thing.
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