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  1. Hi Strumbone, I got the remark, I know under which circumstances a dinner supposes to be bought ...
  2. Well, thank you once again for your concern ! Please be noted that I am not a retard :- thus I believe I can make a wise decision :- All the information I have just collected allow me to think it over and negotiate. I know much more now about Casinos and I am happy about it. We say in Poland "The one who asks will never wander around". Shall I buy the guitar I will surely make some additional researches to determine actual date of mafufacturing. If you have nothing against, I will share with you with my findings. BTW: I liked Eastwood guitars a lot, never heard of them.
  3. Hey Jerry, no need to be rude ! I respect all advices you have all just gave me, I really do ! It is always good to hear what wiser people have to say. I do not know much about Epiphones, I've been using Tele for years. But, this is forum, the place to exchange thoughts. I know NOW that the guitar at this price is not a good bargain. I keep asking for help because I try to collect as much knowledge as possible. I do not ask you for approval. If you consider my posts as waisting your time, I am very sorry, I did not want to. I think I have noticed on this forum much stupider problems people wan
  4. I use thomann.de very often, I bought there one guitar and a lot of other different things. I would buy a guitar there however I am not a big fan of buying guitars on line, without having it checked before. That is why I decide to buy a guitar that I can check personally. However, I wanted to buy a guitar on line in USA but most of the sellers do not ship to Poland. And, very often, the price + shipment would be more than 1000 USD. During last two weeks I checked in Poland (all new quitars): 2 Casinos, 2 Casinos IBJL, Sheraton and Dot. And I was dissapointed. I expected especially IBJL to
  5. And here is the label, sorry for poor quality: And the last question: my friend was in USA last year, he found in a shop Casino with one pick-up. It looked like a vintage one, I know that such a Casino was manufactured. However, it did not have a serial number on the headstock as well. Owner of the shop told my friend that there was a time when Epiphone did not put this number oh headstocks. Is it possible ?
  6. I appreciate all your comments and do not expect to change your mind on the guitar in question after additional information I have just posted I do not know a lot about Casinos and your advises are very helpfull. A paper label looks excactly like this (I mean the shape, detalis etc - I will add a picture of the label of THIS guitar later): If the label were original, then - following http://home.provide.net/~cfh/epiphone.html - the guitar would be made in 1965 which seems to be sci-fi. 3-screw truss rod cover - owner warned me that there was no cover once he had bought the g
  7. And another clues that might help you to assess this guitar: the markers/inlays on the neck are for sure pearloid (as far as I know since the last few years there have been plastic). Furthemore, it seems that the body was painted manually. I believe I can see brushe's markers (I do not know if it was a rule in the past, or someone has just painted some defects The borders used to be white, now on the body they are almost yellow, however by polishing the frets it appeared that they used to be white. Of course on the sticker I mentioned hereinabove there is a model description: Casino E230
  8. Well, thank you once again ! I will buy this guitar either way B) The truss rod cover is a new one, owner had to replace it. Maybe that is way is has 3 screws. Probably will negotiate the price, however it looks great and, most of all, it sound just amazing ! I have just checked it with my Vox ac30 Alnico Blue and it matched just perfect. The sound is full, warm and solid. I do not know how it is possible if it is only Asian product, not a vintage American, but it is true. Thus, whether it is made in Uganda, Brasil or China, I want to have it I checked dozen guitars, new and old Casi
  9. Thank you very much. I will upload pictures a.s.a.p. In two hours I am going to try this guitar. I should add that the price for it is circa 1 000 USD. I am Polish and the transaction is to be made in Poland. I know that the price is to good to be true, even as for Polish market conditions. and here are the pictures (I hope it will work
  10. Hi I can buy Epiphone Casino E230TD. Owner claims that it was produced in '60 in USA. The problem is that it has no serial number on the back of the headstock. It makes my suspicious if the guitar is an original. However, probably there were some series of E230TD placed on the market without such a number on the headstock (or maybe I am wrong ?). Furthermore, the guitar is black. Owner stated that he has checked the paper (label) sticked inside as well as the ink, and the results have confirmed that the quitar is an original made in USA. Could you please help me to confirm whether it
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