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  1. Hoss: I think its the same L-body, no? It's not Nick Lucas deep, I know that. It will be like a Martin 00 I think. Gear: I hear you... if this guitar sounded great, I wouldn't be doing this. It really is going to a better place... This might be a GREAT move with those late 40's/early 50's L-48;s that had either laminate tops or mahogany tops.
  2. This is my latest project... I have a small bodied archtop Gibson (L-30) from the late 30's. It is kind of beat-- back is separating from the rim, cracks in the top, somebody had put a pickup and control on it, etc. The back and sides look rough but are crack free. It sounds OK, but not great... the neck is killer! My plan is to have it re-topped like an L-00 (its the same body size) with the 70 year old maple back and sides. Aaron Cowles of Jubal Guitars is doing the work. He was a Gibson luthier in Kalamazoo for many years before they moved the factory. He makes Gibson inspired acoustics in his small shop in Michigan. It looks like he will re-bind the whole body and put a new finish on it. The neck and headstock will remain original. I'm kind of excited about this project because there aren't many small bodied Gibsons in maple from that era, except the L-Century. This is as close as I'll ever come! With the accelerating prices of Gibson flat top guitars, I wonder if we will start to see more people re-topping arch tops? People have been doing it with old Martin arch tops for years. Bob
  3. Does such a thing exist? I have a Duncan Seth Lover that is great and I'd love to put in a guitar that has a dog ear P-90 clone in the bridge. Are there P-90 shaped humbuckers? Thanks, Bob
  4. Flatwounds are nice. If you want a little more twang, go with half rounds-- a cross between a flatwound and round wound. D'Addario and others make them.
  5. There is not a guitar that a Bigsby does not make better! Enjoy.
  6. Originally SG Faded. Seth Lover in Bridge, Vintage Vibe Charlie Christian in the neck.
  7. Another benefit to flatwounds is that the pizza grease doesn't get stuck in the grooves-- it just makes the strings smoother. Garlic and onions on mine!
  8. Seth: I ended up having a pickguard made (through my local guitar store) by an outfit called "Pickguardian."
  9. Thanks for the help! Fred, that guitar is great looking.... Are you a J-185 guy exclusively now? You used to be big in the world of Super Jumbos....
  10. I have a faded SG and have modified it with a Duncan Seth Lover in the bridge and a Charlie Christian pickup in the neck. I use some distortion overdrive when I'm in a Rubber Soul/Revolver mood, but mostly play pretty clean... The Charlie Christian is kind of in between a P-90 and a Humbucker-- it's mellow, but defined and powerful. Any way, I put flatwounds on it this week, and I'm blown away. I'm getting some pretty amazing jazztones from the neck pickup, and the entire guitar sounds fantastic-- distorted or clean. It still has more than enough sustain, but it's remarkable what this guitar is capable of.... warm, heavy and still clear. I know the original Les Pauls were meant for Jazz, and I'm getting the sense of how flatwounds, good pickups and a mahogany body can do just about anything. Anybody else try flatwounds on their SG?
  11. Does such an animal exist outside of the custom shop? Where would I look? Thanks! Bob
  12. Love it clean. Sounds great with OD, but I play more clean. Its in the shop right now-- I'm having a Charlie Christian PU put in the neck, which sounds outrageous clean.
  13. Either a Rickenbacker 330 or a Gibson hollowbody with P-90's and a bigsby.
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