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  1. I can see why people are put off by only having one pickup, but If you take it for what it is then you will not be disapointed. It really should be called a ES339 Studio 1 or something. I'm sure Gibson will make a 2 pickup version sometime but for me it iis what it is.
  2. No f holes = Less feedback, unless you want it that is. The guitar will feedback at high gain/volume but is very controllable. I always wanted a single pickup guitar and almost bought a LP Junior but didn't like the baseball bat neck profile. So couldn't resist this when I saw it at the price it was going for. Here's a vid from the store I bought it from.
  3. Here she is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6_sfv7pGMs
  4. OK, now I know there's not much love out there for the ES339 and 335 Studios, but I wanted to check them out for myself. So I ordered an ES339 from Anderton's Musical instruments for £599, free delivery. Now remembering that these are made in the Custom shop in Memohis I Think it's a bargain. Anyway, just managed to put it down after 2 hours of trying it out and I have to say I LOVE IT! The setup was perfect out of the box and the guitar is flawless. The neck is a slim D which I am used to with my Casino and suits me fine. the baked maple board is a dream to play, very smooth and fast. Tone wi
  5. I think we should look at these for what they are. They look to be aimed at the Punk/indie type player (ME) I've actually been looking for a single pickup guitar for a while. I considered the LP Junior and SG Junior but didn't like the neck on the LP and don't like the neck heavy SG. So I am considering the 339. For me it all depends on the playability and what the neck is like. I can see why es fans would not appreciate these models but like II said earlier, if we just take them for what they are and not expect classic es tone and looks then we should all get along fine. I'm in a punk covers
  6. Thanks, from the vid it sounds like it has a Chubba of a neck. Which to me seems like the 50s type profile rather than the slim taper 60s that I am used to. I have not heard many reviews for the 339 studio but to me I'm only going to be using it with my punk covers band. So versatility is not really an issue. I would just like to know if build quality is superior to the sg junior due to the Studio being made in the Memphis fa.ctory. Here in the UK the price of the 339 studio has really dropped from £999 to £699. The sg junior is around £450.
  7. OK, this is the deal. I just joined a Punk covers band and I was thinking of getting a SG Junior as my main guitar. I was just about to pull the trigger on an ebony one when I cane across the ES339 studio. I know the junior will do the job perfectly but the 339 looks so raw and edgey. I was just wondering if anyone has played one and can give me the low down. What's the neck like etc... thanks
  8. Hey guys, thanks for the info and great vid by the way. Those pups sound very hot. Should be perfect for that Johnny Thunders/Johnny Ramone type tone I'm after. I have a budget of around £700, but if the right one comes along at a little more then I am willing to go up to £800. I did look at the Junior specials and although thay are very nice, I really would prefer a guitar with block inlays. I am visually impared and find it very difficult to see dot inlays on a fretboard. So when I was looking for a new guitar it had to have 4 things 1. It had to be white 2. P90s 3. Block inlays
  9. Hi all, not been around here for a while as I've been getting my new band together. Anyways, thought I'd splash out on a new LP. My first thought was the new LP Juniors, mainly because I play mainly punk covers and I love the tone of P90s. But recently saw the LP studio 60s tribute model with twin P90s for almost the same price. Now I know what a junior plays and sounds like as I have played one at a local store. But I have not had the opportunity to play a LP 60s Tribute. Has anyone here got or played one? Any info would be great. I would like to know are the Studios soapbar p90s as good as t
  10. Thanks guys. All poitive vibes. Only one thing to do, gonna have to give her a good hme. Cheers
  11. I have the opportunity to buy a Joan Jett Melody Maker at a good price. Has anyone got one or played one? Any info would be great. Thanks
  12. I own a 2007 made in Korea Ultra and it is a very nice guitar to play. Very comfortable and light. the pckups are great. The Bridge can be very hot. The Neck pup is very Sensitive to the Volume knob and you can get some very nice acoustic tones by rolling the volume back. A very good guitar allround. Not sure if they are made in Korea anymore though.
  13. At the end of the day it all comes down to personal preference and to see the Korina and worn cherry firebirds together is the obly way to choose. I do agree that an LP studio does look good in WC though. Also having played my Bird for a week now I absolutely love it and find it very easy to play at the 12th to 19th frets when soloing.
  14. Yeah, the Korina is a sweet looking bird. Didn't care much for the worn cherry either, not really my thing.
  15. Here is my new Epiphone Firebird Korina Very nice guitar but can't seem to find much info on it. It has Epiphone Limited Edition Custom Shop stamped on the headstock and it is made in China. Bloody great guitar though.
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