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  1. Woah KX36... take a chill pill :) were you mollested by a heavy metal guitarist as a child or something? Thanks your help and clarification everyone. So let me get this straight... the Epi Goth Explorer and the Gibsons are made of mahogany (although I'm sure the Gibsons use more expensive types). The Natural finish Epi Korina explorer is made of (wait for it)... Korina. And the black Epi 58 Korina Explorer with the white pickguard is made of... mahogany?! Or is there another black epi 58 explorer that's not korina??? Maybe I need a little more clarification on that one :P or maybe wh
  2. Hi everyone, I'm looking at buying an Ebony Epiphone '58 Explorer and I'm wondering if that'd be a good guitar for playing thrash / modern metal as well as some hard rock. Along the lines of Early Metallica (Master of Puppets) up to modern Metallica (Death Magnetic) and Pantera and Slayer. And hard rock like Offspring. Would the Explorer be a good choice? How are the tone, stability and build? I hear all the Epi Explorer's are made of Korina (but I've also heard other things)... whatever they're made of, how does it compare to mahogany? And how are the pickups? Are they a good
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