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  1. I bought a DR-500 MCE natural..factory re-furb off eBay. Waiting on delivery. My idea of this is that if there were "bugs", maybe the factory has corrected and I will get a great guitar outta the deal. The one I got is coming from a guitar shop in Denver, CO. Picked it up for $ 453.00 plus shipping..with case. Can't wait for it to get here. If there are any problems with it, I'll take it to Charley's Guitar Shop in Dallas, Texas. Charley's original owner was a good friend of Stevie Ray Vaughn and built some guitars for him. I haven't found a better place to get set up done on a guitar. Had a problem with string spacing on a PR-5 and Bryant cut a new nut for it, lowered the action and it is a great guitar now (even if I use it for a beater).
  2. Looks like availablility is pushed out towards the end of September now. That's typical of Epiphone; as I have found buying their cases. I may have to get one of these! I like the 1.725 nut width. Been thinking about a Taylor, but having one of the DR-500M's..I know how good these axes sound! I'd love to find one in VS.
  3. Hope you got a good deal. IMO, they are way over priced.
  4. I have a DR-500M that I bought late last year. Talking about finish...mine is a satin finish, but it's antiqued. Try finding that on the Epi website. I love it! Looks aged right from the start. Someone mentioned the nut width being 1.725. Specs say mine is 1.68. I haven't miked it to see, but it plays quite well for me. I had mine fitted with a K&K Mini Western pickup. It plays great; plugged or unplugged. Big, mellow sound. Mine was marked 550 in a local music store; got it for 500. No case. Bought the Epi Masterbilt dedicated case for it. Get one; I'm sure it'll please you!
  5. Check with Sweetwater. I've bought the dedicated case for my Epi EL-00 and PR5-E from them. Great hardshells that fit like a glove!
  6. Elixer nano Medium Lights are good choice, as well. Gives my PR5 a really nice, bright tone.
  7. Sweetwater can get you one made specifically for the PR5. I got one a couple months ago..Think it cost me 90 bucks, but worth it. Excellent Epi case design and construction.
  8. I bought one used recently. The only problem I had with mine is that the nut grooves weren't cut precisely. This resulted in the B string being too close to the High E. When playing a C chord, the underside of my index finger was "killing" the high E. It's at Charley's Guitar Shop now having a new nut cut and installed to give me a bit of finger relief.
  9. My wife bought me an EL-00 last Christmas and it came with a bobe nut and bridge saddle...so, in some cases, Epi's other than MB do have bone.
  10. I don't know about my EL-00 because my wife bought it and had it set-up for me as a gift. But, I bought a DR-500M from a local music store and wanted them to set it up. When the tech was changing strings, he removed the bridge saddle and there was a thin plastic shim under the saddle. Removed it and the guitar was set up, except for new strings.
  11. I guess it's a subjective thing as to what you get when you change bridge pins, bridge saddle or nut. The guy that owns Guitar Saddles remarked that changing out the nut had little, or no, effect on the way a guitar sounds. His emphasis is on changing bridge saddles and bridge pins.
  12. I have the same problem myself. You can only treat the symptoms; not the source! ;-)
  13. I have an Epi DR-500M and a EL-00 that I love to play. I bought a used PR5E because I wanted to check out an acoustic/electric. The problem is that the string spacing on the PR5 seems to be closer than that of the DR500 or the EL-00. Epiphone's technical specs say they all have a 1.68 nut width. When playing the PR5, the top of my fingernail is hitting the string above when chording. I don't want to spend a ton of money trying to fix this problem, but I thought I'd throw it out here before I sold the thing. That's really the only complaint I have with the guitar. Could it be the neck is shaped differently from the others? Any ideas?? Thanks!
  14. My Masterbilt DR-500M has a bone nut and saddle. Just picked it up from having a K&K Mini-Western pickup installed on it. It kicks butt now!
  15. Check with Sweetwater. I bought the dedicated hardcase for my EL-00 from them. Great folks to do some business with!
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