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  1. I mean functually build websites. When I wrote for ThungerRoads we had over340,000 members, a hell of a lot less money for websites, and a lot more photo posts. I have my photos on Image Shack, But i"m having trouble uploading them to Epiphone site. I have limited time and problems with MS.Consider this my last post.
  2. Sorry Kowalski' The BS required to post a simple photo is too time consuming. The Avatar change is pretty straightforward, but the photo post is too time-consuming and user unfriendly for me. I don't do websites myself but I have paid for many. If one of the Industrial stes I scripted had such a user unfriendly photo post, the Webmaster woul be looking for amother client! Legs
  3. Epiphoneboners, My G400 is finally here despite UPS' best effort! I don't know if I'm just lucky,but set-up fit and finish were excellent. It's a lot better than the Genuine Gibson SG that I used to have. Good work Epi! Legs
  4. Good luck with your remedy! Legs PS What's a Yonder?
  5. Cool-el. Shame on you, you're making me want another one. Legs
  6. If you're in Vista, go piss on my Dad's front door. (But take him a good Tequila!) Legs
  7. JMac, I think you're right. My Father claims you don't get Dirty Yahoos in California... But he's always been kind of a liar!
  8. It's finally here ( photos tomorrow). regrettably it wasn't the girl in Animal Fs post... it was an ugly, sweaty guy!
  9. Jerry Mac, What's that you're playing in your profile photo(i.e. pedigree). Legs GuitarFanatic3 I'm keeping my Dot Studio stock, but the jury is out on the new G400. Stock, Duncan's, or do I rewind The front and put Duncan in rear. Decisions, decisions! Legs
  10. I did disquise myself as a box per Animal Farm's suggestion. But UPS dropped the ball again;however, My daughter -in- gave me one of her flutes so we could start playing woodwinds together. What a sweetie! Maybe I'm too demanding, But competance is nice:-k ! Legs
  11. You could get great or get poor! It used to kill me that several of my friends and I would canabalize several Fenders to get a good one. But sometimes you'd get "the holy Grail". Legs
  12. I'm still looking for Animal Farm's delivery girl! re:angst:THe Gift that keeps giving! Legs
  13. Stig, This Epi experience is making me rethink a lot of things. I had a Beautiful Les Paul Standard that I used to trigger an ARP Synthesyser with. Beautiful but typical 70's piece of crap playability wise..... ah! the good old days! Legs
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