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  1. Most of the time endorsee owned/played guitars are all custom and the only thing in common with the production models is the name. So basically if they have a guitar that is different in any way from the production modle there is no you are going to get one, unless you get endorsed by them, lol.
  2. +1 esp seeing that the NightV [the only model in the lineup that does] uses a 25.5 scale and 22 frets. Same as the originals
  3. The wiring for the vintage 80's Floyd Rose sustainer is nothing like the sustainer in the musicyo models. Here, this is what you need:
  4. SamanthaM


    Apparently not this year. The closest thing to a Lefty for 2010 would be "flipping and restringing" a Nite-V to play it lefty.
  5. Looks like they finally updated the website with prices. Guess we were both off. hey are listed for 616.00. Which is cheaper then the 633.00 Striker?? That's a bit odd' date=' but I guess the "Classic Series" comes with the same Lic. Floyd the rest of the line does . [/color']
  6. Wow Double goodness!! I like to at least have the same model in different colors, helps explain having more then one, lol
  7. REALLY?!? Wow thats pretty cool. sounds like a lot of guitar for the money
  8. That is nice ......... to bad as far as I know its another one that didnt come in lefty
  9. Right now the only specs for the Kramer Classic Series Pacer are here: Classic series Pacer It is modeled after the 1982-1984? USA Pacer Imperial It will probably be around the same price as the other Re-issuses were new. Btw a 1000-1500 bucks?
  10. Basically you have 3 types of Kramer guitars. 1) The original 70's Aluminum neck & 80's Wood neck Kramers 2) The older Gibson Kramers sold through the MusicYo website 3) The newer Gibson Kramers now being sold through regular guitar dealers It is very important to remember that the Gibson Kramers DO NOT follow the same model lines as the 80's Kramers did. Examples: 80's Kramer Pacer - top line USA guitar / Gibson Kramer Pacer - Low end guitar 80's Kramer Focus - top line Japan guitar / Gibson Kramer Focus - Bottom end guitar 80's Kramer Striker - bottom line Korean guitar / Gibs
  11. You need a picture hosting account, like photobucket.com. Its free to sign up and use. once you upload the pictures to photobucket, you will see links on the left side on the picture. You want to use the IMG link. Just copy and paste it in here. It will look like this without spaces [ IMG ] http:// i614. photobucket. com/ albums/ tt230/ your username/ yourpic .jpg [ /IMG ]
  12. Well I didn't say I don't like them, lol. But that image just sorta popped in my head when I saw them, lol.
  13. You do know that they came in other colors right Moku? :D THAT is a nice collection you got going there! I will add one of mine for good measure, lol.
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