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  1. nice axe you got there.
  2. showsters are good guitars. any stndard form fitted case should fit: roadrunner, gator, etc. fender strat cases are fine too, but the guitar tends to get knocked around in there (unless you get one of those newer ones with the neck gets strapped down). the old kramer forum works fine: http://www.kramerforum.com/forum/index.php that's where i usually hang out.
  3. moku

    fixing vs ruining

    i guess you mean resale value? b'cuz value is subjective, and if you plan to keep it then what is valuable is how you make the guitar suit your playing style, etc. also when you say "usa kramers," do you mean vintage usa made kramers? or gibson reissues? if the former, then (for purposes of resale) the principle is: restoring it to the original specs increases value; modifying the guitar decreases value. for example, don't modify the body shape, cavities, pickup configerations, etc. some collectors want the original pickups, neckplate, etc. priginal floyd rose tremolo maaintains its value. i
  4. we're still here. just don't log on to this forum too often. we're suually on the vintage kramer forum :)
  5. moku

    New logo?

    i agree, but as a company gibson/kramer can't look back and live in the 80s; they have to be forward-looking and come out w/ something new and find new customers rather than old farts like me who still hold on to the 80s past they can't make it as a company if they just replicate models with old logo. new company, new logo. my .02 cents.
  6. moku


    good to see you here, bro. :D
  7. i think that's a load of s**t. i have an 84 reissue baretta and it plays very nice... the neck, the pup, floyd, all are very good. probably better than the vintage '84. the quality control of the early kramers was hit and miss. the later esp produced kramer parts (for both japan and american kramers) were more stable. as for the new new kramers, they're not out yet. so i can't say.
  8. :D yeah, i've moved on beyond white kramers....
  9. the original forum that contributed (and contributes) to the kramer fever for many of us http://www.kramerforum.com/forum/index.php thank you!!
  10. old picture... i've added a few more... also, since this thread is about classic kramers, we can't forget the original kramer forum that have contributed to the kramer fever: http://www.kramerforum.com/forum/index.php
  11. moku


    hey fellas... good to see some old faces.
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