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  1. I just ordered on in Midnight Sapphire. I was planning to get an Epi Les Paul Standard and upgrade the pups. Then when I saw the tribute, I figured it was the way to go. Jim
  2. You could make the same argument for block inlay vs. dot, gold vs. chrome hardware or any body color other than black. Jim
  3. Thanks for the info. Gibson's lineup can certainly be confusing. I have decided that unlike Fender, which can be safely ordered sight unseen, I am going to have to buy a Gibson in person. Jim
  4. I am getting ready to sell off my Les Paul Studio and Fender stuff I have to buy one Gibson LP. What are the differences between the Standard, Standard Premium Plus and the Traditional series? As far as I can tell, the Standard Premium Plus has a top with figuring while the Standard has a plain top. I can't figure our the Traditional series. Can anyone help? Thanks, Jim
  5. In my experience, the jack and pickup selector switch are the components most likely to fail on a stock Epi. Jim
  6. That's kind of what Taylor does with its electrics. The pickups are a plug connection so you can buy multiple pickguard/pickup assemblies. Just unplug one and plug another in and you have a different pickup configuration. Jim
  7. Is there any reason you can't pull everything out and replace it with new pots, new pickups and new wiring? Jim
  8. Thanks, guys. I am already going to buy a set of Classic 57s for my Les Paul. I was trying to avoid buying two sets. I guess I can try the BBPs and if I don't like them, I can always swap them out. Jim
  9. Have you measured to see if the Gotoh bridges on the Stew Mac site will fit? Jim
  10. Has anyone installed Gibson Burstbucker Pro pickups in a G-400? I have a Gibson Les Paul Studio with BBP pickups. I am planning to change the pickups in that guitar to Classic '57s. I thought that after that, it might be good to move the BBP pickups into my G-400. Has anyone done that and had results that were astoundingly good or horribly bad? Thanks, Jim
  11. I might believe him if he had said the floods in Thailand had caused delays, but the reasons he gave sound pretty bogus to me. I can't imagine that any of the wood seized in Tenn. would make its way onto Epiphone guitars. Jim
  12. Okay...here's mine: It's a Les Paul Classic with the following changes: - Replaced the pickups with a pair of Seymour Duncan '59 model pickups. - Replaced the bridge with a Gotoh - Replaced the tuners with Grover Deluxe Keystones - Installed a bone nut Jim
  13. Thanks for the replies. I prefer the way the Deluxe looks and it plays the same as the regular Dot. The two I looked at at GC also seemed a bit lighter than the regular Dot. I was just wondering why the Deluxes were $30 less. I think I'll stop by and pick one up. Jim
  14. I looked at both of them carefully and played them. I can't find anything wrong with either one. Jim
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