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  1. Hi people Just giving you a heads up on Uk new bands that play Kramer guitars Bury tomorrow While she sleeps Screams of cold winter Shadows chasing ghosts Sylosis Check them out and show your support Cheers Spike
  2. Cool im looking forward to getting my black and red custom assault thanks Spike
  3. Any one heard anything yet regarding when these are being shippped over to the uk thanks Spike
  4. i think they might be available middle of december 2009 i heard Spike
  5. Hi everybody im new to this forum just a quick message to say the new kramer range is cool !!well done Kramer!! I am looking forward to getting my kramer assualt when it arrives in the uk very soon, I have played the demo guitar with one of the gibson/Kramer reps and it is a amazing guitar to played the tone is very good, the pick ups have a smooth distortion which is what i have been looking for in a guitar Thanks Spike Screams of Cold Winter
  6. Spike_MH


    :D Hi everybody im spike from Gothic metal band Screams of Cold Winter From the UK England
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