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  1. "when Gibson used to sell 2nds the # "2" was also used (Epiphone still sells seconds and uses the #2 code)"
  2. The "1" is in reference to a 1st quality instrument, when Gibson used to sell 2nds the # "2" was also used (Epiphone still sells seconds and uses the #2 code), a "3" these days refers to a dealer exclusive model.
  3. The handwritten codes can be tough to decipher sometimes. This should be LPTD+LBCH1, a Les Paul Traditional in lightburst finish http://legacy.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/2016/USA/Les-Paul-Traditional.aspx
  4. The friends list is not supported in this new version, but members now may follow others and have followers.
  5. The display name is indeed what is used for logging in now. Having both a username and display name as used in the previous version of the forums is not supported.
  6. The Gibson Lounge and the Epiphone Lounge are still there. The Gibson Lounge is only visible to members and has a minimum post requirement of 5, you're well beyond that so it should be available. https://forum.gibson.com/forum/69-the-gibson-lounge/
  7. The upgrade is complete! Please send any feedback that you might have for us. Thanks!
  8. The Gibson Forums will be closed shortly this morning in order to prepare for the upgrade. Thank you -
  9. Try this fix for your DF; https://www.tronicaltune.com/original-gibson-spare-parts/gen-ii-battery-workaround-kit-for-gibson-dark-fire-dusk-tiger-back-plate-2x-battery-charger.html
  10. Gibson Forums is getting an upgrade! We're migrating to the newest version of IP to keep the forums running smoothly. Browser compatibility, enhanced security, mobile optimization, and more are coming! What impact will this have to you, the community? Hopefully the transition will be seamless and the site will look better and run faster. That said, things sometimes happen (even though we have IP itself doing the migration), so we will be providing a way for you to report any quirks that may pop up. We'll update you with timing and the outage time for cutover as soon as we can. Thanks!
  11. First time on here and finally made it new thread. Somehow I have 4 threads all titled tbe same but only one of them has actually content. Can you please delete the 3 with no content? My thread is titled "my first SG standard"....in the SG forum. I apologize for this!

  12. I posted a reply in the Les Paul "Is this a good trade" topic. An hour later it is deleted.....why are my replies being deleted, I have done nothing wrong.

  13. What is going on with the uploads. I tried to upload a 377k photo and get this....Used 438.09K of your 500K global upload quota (Max. single file size: 61.91K) and I haven't downloaded anything...what gives here!

  14. I joined last Friday, had to get admin help just to do that. Tried the intro page and was informed a mod had to approve first. Fair enough but good grief how long does that take ? This is not turning into a fun thing so far

  15. Hey! - how about letting me reply and add topics?? I mean, I have only been a member since 2011 - and - have two Gibson models purchased from new to discuss with other members...

    Thanks for sorting this

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