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    ZT3 Pickups

    The pickups in the ZT3 are not actives, and sound nothing close to any EMGs I have ever heard. They are labeled 'Kramer' on them, and sound kind of like a more vanilla 490R or 490T pickups. I don't like EMGs (I ripped em out of my Synapse) and didn't like the stock ZT3s, but they may be fine for some people.
  2. Anyone have a wiring diagram for a ZT3?
  3. I have noticed that the back of my Synapse's neck is pretty dull looking. I know that it is a satin finish, but there are areas of the neck that are quite a bit 'glossier' than others. The main playing areas look really really dull. Is there a way to restore the finish? Or is this what happens to well played Synapses? Guitar polish doesn't help btw...
  4. Mincercat


    1: neck 2: inside coils of both HB 3: both HB 4: outside coils of both HB 5: bridge HB you have to reverse the magnet in one pickup to make 2 & 4 hum cancelling though.
  5. Mincercat


    I did not like the EMGs at all- they were replaced with a Duncan APH-1 in the neck and a Custom Custom in the bridge...and a 5 way switch. All is right in the world now.
  6. I will say the D shaped tabs make changing pickups a pain on the Synapse. It can be done, but you either have to change the screw sizes for your pickups (the EMG screws- which are wood screws- don't fit Duncans) Or change the screws in your aftermarket pickups to something that can screw into wood. Steinberger also uses foam underneath the pickups to help with stability- I had to change that to slightly different foam for my Duncans. BTW, I love my Synapse even more now.
  7. Actually, I think the average consumer really doesn't understand the price similarity between the Parker and the Steinberger- I believe the perception right now is that US guitars are better than non-US. Of course, this is perpetuated by guitar magazines, internet forums, 'blues lawyers' and Gibson themselves. We may know better (I love my Synapse), but it is a hard sell. I love Parkers too, btw- but their US guitars are way better with a lot more innovations than their import models. I know the TT3 is where most of the innovation on the ZT3 is, and most of the price...is it alone worth $1000 of the price of the guitar? Well until you get an EVH of today using it in a real way on a hit song, then probably not. Even then, a ZT3 with a street price of $1000 would sell a lot more guitars...at $1600, unless you are already a Steinberger fan, it is too big a leap to take for the conservative guitar-buying public.
  8. I agree- I own a Synapse, and it is a wonderful guitar. However, with the higher (almost double) price of the new ZT-3, there are lots of choices at that price point. Certainly the only choice with a TT, but when the public (who generally consider Steinberger to be '80s' guitars no matter how us fans feel) is deciding on a +$1500 guitar, it will be a tough sell. I think lots of previous Steinberger fans will love it and buy it, but to get the normally conservative guitar buying mass public interested, it will take many endorsers, and eventually, a lower price.
  9. Yes, the Synapse and ZT-3 ad copy & press releases downplay (or doesn't mention) the country of origin. Maybe that is a good thing, as the ZT-3 is (sadly) more expensive than the USA models.
  10. I have a red SS-2F Custom that I use daily for teaching and performing. I recently changed out the pickups from the EMGs to Duncans (a Custom Custom & Alnico Pro II with 5-way super switch). It is a lot more open and touch sensitive now, and while I lived with EMGs since I got this guitar (over a year ago), I am happy I switched. Who else out there has a Synapse?
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