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  1. Eagle

    Pickup choices

    +1 for sticking with the originals for a bit as a new set will cost the same as a new guitar .
  2. That's not right , make sure you set it up as the video on the website and if it still dose it send it back .
  3. A graphite neck on the ZT3 would do.
  4. Eagle

    Heavier Strings

    You would need a stiffer spring and the R trem would be under a lot of extra pressure .The R Trem dies with just a set of 9s so this would seriously shorten it's life span .
  5. The TT1 is massively better than the others being built from machined steel brass and aluminium . The TT2 is a zinc cast copy of the original and the TT3 is a compleat redesign with reduced range and wider strings spacing .
  6. Eagle

    ZT3 Trem nuts...

    Yes they are soft .
  7. Not stainless . 6150 size nickel .
  8. quote name='shakey_slim' timestamp='1296664062' post='852202'] Looking for a wiring diagram or a pic of a GR4's guts. I'm trying to put my GR4 back to stock. Anyone? This is the diagram ignore the fact that the bridge pickup is also a rail (the wiring is identical.)
  9. No it doesn't,it is a music yo era with a moses neck and an Asian body . The price is about right though as these are increasingly rare.
  10. Yes. Find a shop or be prepared to send a few back.
  11. I would pick up a synapse as a travel guitar. You could still get a GT but be aware that the trem will die ,only a matter of time. It is a pity as the wood work is nice.
  12. Eagle

    My New GM7ta

    http://acapella.harmony-central.com/showthread.php?t=2580960 Here is a post 2002 Music Yo one for $2200 so add 20% to that for vat and carrage to the UK and yours is still better as it is a "real" one with the original blend neck . So about £1750.
  13. Post this at Steinberger world as well.
  14. I have a GL2 with the first version and it is by far the best sounding Steinberger Ive ever played . The other really great bridge is a unmodified TT type 1 all the rest are made out of crap err sintered zinc (not even liquid cast) and sound numb by comparison. The Bondy is milled from aluminium so it should sound nice as well .
  15. Well if you want a $200 junk pile go for it.
  16. That considered $120 is about right. You should still keep it as it is the best sounding Steinberger bridge to date and your tuner issue is just loose grub screws. I would disassemble it clean it and rebuild properly lubed and working as it should . PS If Ed Roman wants to pay you stupid money (which he won't ) sell it to him.
  17. Mint $300+ must be 100% complete.
  18. BTW a GLB is rare and hard to get so the recent EBay prices have been high. Cool travel guitar though.
  19. Refret and re profiled the stupidly huge neck . It was thicker at the nut than the blank piece of maple Fender start with to cut a strat neck out of and made my friends R7 Les Paul seem like an Ibanez.
  20. As a temporary measure you could get a set of similar matching knobs from Allparts.
  21. Yes pretty bad , If you find a good one they can be made to work but I might as well of made my own by the time I'd finished mine.
  22. BTW the TT2 is a complicated one as Zenon seem to have an interest in it ,This will be a problem.
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