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  1. Looking at the serial numbers on www.steinbergerworld.com it approx 1992-93
  2. My Spirit is about 4 years old and had no quality issues when I bought it other than requiring a setup as the shop had no idea how to adjust the bridge or intonation.
  3. It's available here: www.photopod.co.uk/images/gtprowiring.gif
  4. Yeah I'd like a look at that :o)
  5. It's worth what you paid for it................unless someone wants it more than you then it's worth more!
  6. The string spacing is different so you won't have much luck swapping it for a R Trem.
  7. Here: www.musicyo.com/planet/rtrem.asp www.musicyo.com/planet/steinberger.asp
  8. The Master tuner will require adjusting, instructions here: http://www.musicyo.com/planet/rtrem.asp
  9. http://www.musicyo.com/planet/rtrem.asp
  10. Strings are double ball unless you buy an adapter, pickups are passive Select by EMG.
  11. As said above + takes 3 minutes to change all 6 strings.
  12. Wiring diagram here: www.photopod.co.uk/images/gtprowiring.gif
  13. I'll do ya a straight swap for the GL ;o)
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