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  1. Ciao Maurizio, anche io ho dovuto comprare una steinberger (Synapse 2FPA) via internet... Il problema è che non hai assistenza (anche sul sito gibson europe... è uguale..) Ora vorrei avere assistenza sulla mia che ha un Elow che frusta ma mi toccherà rifare la tastiera da un buon liutaio.. Certo è assurdo... Maurizio
  2. Well I changed the strings with a baritone gauge strings and still the E-low buzz (less but buzz..). I think I will play for a while (six seven months) the guitar regulary and if it still buzz I will bring it to the technician to modify the frets... I like very much this guitar and I cannot stand it to be with such a silly problem...;-) Anyway thank you for your interest and suggestions!! Maurizio
  3. Thank you JTR!! : I have checked both the bridge hight and the truss rod but it does not help unfortunately... :-( I have asked to a technician (he build quite good classic and solid body guitars..) and he told me that before making any change in the frets it is better to wait becouse, being the guitar new it could be that using it (I'm still not using it yet...) the string tension help to solve the problem... Another particular is that I'm using standard stings non baritone.. The buzz is not intolerable so I'll start using it and let's wait.... What is your opinion about that?.. C
  4. Hallo to everybody! I have a synapse transcale 2FPA that has the low string buzzing with the capo on the 2nd fret (standard tuning..). I have changed the bridge setting but I did non solve the problem.. even the capo regulations didn't solve the problem.. I would like to solve by myself without sending it to a technician (it is brand new...). I use .010 strings.. Do you have any suggestion? Thank you! Maurizio
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