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  1. How about the a New ad for the Jimmy Page #2 from the 2009 Namm show.. that's a great start for me
  2. this one was the first in Canada really low 100's..... between 100-107... that's what Rick told me atleast i pre-ordered this in 2007... kinda funny but he know once this came out i wanted one...
  3. AND jimmy jpp low 200's
  4. 2008 50th Ann '58 Murphy Reissue 1of200 2009 50th Ann '59 Reissue 1of500 1983 Pre Hist '59
  5. ya, i think i have that as well...
  6. crazy same area are nine ...lol... did you ever run a rehearsal studio in (B-Town / girlington)???????
  7. nice Bram... i have not seen any stnd. in that finish in our area... 99.9% are customs...
  8. so, i guess once i get a few 1982's, 1983's, 1984's, 1985's and early 1986's silver's i could make a better guess... from 82 to 86... no volute, possible 2pc. top no more 3pc, 1 or 2 pc. body no more pan's, 1 pc neck's and the filp back to mahogany possible... so that i think would make a bit of a change in tone..lol.... it would have been nice if they did the customs to pre-hist spec with that finish back then.... that would have been cool, i think...
  9. is that the Aldershot area in Burlington or the other one?..... Norlin stuff..... we'll it's it's own breed.... shot tenon... the volute....massive headstock... 9-12lbs..... the reason for the Silver one's they just sound darker... hence the Bogner White chassis.... again a darker sounding amp..... i have not found one silverburst that sounds that much different then other silver one's... only time would be when the P/U start to loose it's imp. or the cap's are toast.... now Silver to any other colour YES a difference..... wow... it's hard for me to compare one LP to other's i have 35
  10. not always... i try when i'm in the studio.... at times help out some bands.. ie. the 1981 Bahama Blue was used on most the the last "Protest the Hero" album... along with a bunch of my amps..
  11. ya the air nice and dirty... unless your up north
  12. Bram.... it that your Silverburst?..... your avatar pic
  13. hahahahah... ok... good luck...
  14. Flight959 ya, it's sad that people do that kinda stuff....
  15. that looks like it had a lock down maybe a floyd thing
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