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  1. I think you could install an R-trem. I have 3 spirit models and i've bought extra r-trem before music -yo closed up. I'm gona install one on my ss-2f.
  2. Musicyo are selling r-trems for $75.00 in the scratch and dents.
  3. I'm sorry to say but the Moses neck is way better than the stock neck that came on my gm2t .....
  4. I usually tune the float with the tension spring in E tunning so that it has proper balance. Then lock it up for 440 E tunninG.
  5. I had the same problem with my Newburgh guitar..... got a new neck from Moses and it's perfect only $300.
  6. Well i guess i did a stupid thing 3 months ago and decided to sell my white gt pro deluxe... i was waiting to get a black one??? I'll have to keep my steinberger newburgh gm 2t (white) and my red spirit gu7r.
  7. Who's got them? Looking for new.
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