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  1. I don't like the new Synapse line or the ZT3 custom! Bring back the classic GL models with TT2 type trems, the Spirit is a sorry excuse for a real Steinberger! I'm sure with the help of Gibson you could easily have a model with a trans trem in the 800 range or maybe even lower!
  2. Hmm, interesting, although I don't know how much smoke a guitar factory would output, good point. Lets all head to china, or where ever they are produced( I think Korea) and demand a fresh Steinie off the line! If only we could actually talk to someone at Steinberger instead of a Gibson rep, we might actually get the inside scoop.
  3. When you were posting in my thread, where you talking about the bass or the guitar?
  4. Yeah, if anyone has the diagram, please post it here.
  5. I cannot begin to thank you enough for posting this. This now gives me a strong hope of owning an entry level steiny. -Thanks, fdsman
  6. How would one go about replacing the pickups with Dimarzios and a Lace Sensor? I'm planning on putting an X2N in the bridge, some sort of chrome dome or lipstick looking pickup in the middle, and a Dactivator-X neck in the neck. If anyone knows if the X2N and DactivatorX can be covered with dimarzio pickup covers, please tell me which ones are able to be used. As well as any other information I may need. Ah, one more question, Would replacement speed knobs fit on the exsisting pots? Or will I have to swap those out for different ones? -Thanks, fdsman
  7. I called gibson yesterday, left a message, hopefully they will get back to me and will be able to tell me something that makes since. I saw something very strange the other day as well, MusicYo, on thier archived pages about the Spirit GT Pro, says they are of course out of stock, but apperently they are expecting stock before, on, or after 9/11/08. I don't know if that page is still updated, or if its just a concidence. I did read somewhere, that along with the new trans-trem models, the Spirits will be avaliable again, however, they were predicting June so, I'm still hoping Spirits will
  8. I called both registered dealers in CA, and Sam Ash was a bust, I was transferred from person to person, and was hung up on. But I can safely say they probably won't have one. Have the Spirits been discontinued? Because I had really hoped to own some kind of Steinberger. So if anyone knows where I can get one new, preferably a Deluxe model, that would be great, Mmmmk? -Thanks, fdsman
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