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  1. who is making the aftermarket guitar strap arms for straplocks? Thanks
  2. I think rbflash is right. you may use car polishing compound or somesuch for the final buffing.
  3. D'Addario makes Steinberger strings too, but I've never had a problem so maybe it's your guitar?
  4. Had the Spirit Pro from Music Yo, loved the small and light gig bag and I took it on the plane every week (i'm a pilot). Sold that and got the Synapse standard length, the Synapse gigbag is much heavier duty and is a good bag but it's a one size fits all for the transcale and bass too, it is big, 6" longer than the standard length guitar. Musicians Friend has Honer gigbags on backorder and they are cheap, ah, I meant inexpensive. I'm hoping to get one of those because the really long Synapse bag bugs me , I'm in uniform and this thing is sticking up above my head! Plus I hate advertising that I have a Synapse, but who's gonna pinch a Honer? Good luck finding a bag.
  5. I think it's pretty easy to get around though. I normally play Gibson SG (not "61) and Jackson DKMG and I like the neck on the Synapse a lot. To me it's not as big feeling as a Les Paul.
  6. Try the Gibson Showcase in Nashville at 615-514-2200 or look online, they have synapse guitars.
  7. You can buy genuine Steinberger double ball end strings from the Gibson Factory store at the Grand Old Opry Mall in Nashville, TN, USA. They ship and when I was there last week they had tons of strings and other Steiny stuff. Personally I use D'Addario XL double ball end strings, they have a red ball with an "s" in it on the pakcage, got a bunch from Musicians Friend couple years ago, got bass strings too.
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