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  1. Hi Eagle, Yep, I know. It's been working fine with this new guitar. It didn't work with the first one I had. It dropped and raised full steps only. It's not clear in the marketing materials that the guitar only works in different tunings in locked position though. Whammy only works in the middle (E) position. This is fine, I just wasn't aware of it. Anyway, this guitar does handle 1/2 steps now, so I'm happy. Thanks. -K
  2. I got my new Z in and it's better than the first one. I seems that I can now drop a half or full step, and also raise a half or full step. But only in the middle position (E) can I use the whammy bar. You either have use of the whammy at middle position and are in E or you give up use of the bar so you can have an alternate tuning. If you watch the demo video you'll see that the pitch change locks the bar out of the way for use in different tunings. Demo vid: http://www.steinberger.com/press/ZT3Video.mov I didn't see anywhere in the literature that it talked about this. I guess it should have been easily surmised, but that wasn't clear to me. Anyway, I'm okay without the whammy as long as I get my tunings to be what they should be. I'll probably hang onto the JEM for real whammy work anyway. :) -K
  3. Here's the latest. I called Gibson for help and they put me in touch with a local repair/warranty place. I called them up and explained the problem. The tech guy put me through a few tests and then said that he was pretty sure what the problem was. Says he's seen it before on the transtrems and that I should immediately return the guitar for a replacement. I asked if maybe I could just bring it in for a quick look since I'm not a tech. He said that it would take him 3-4 weeks to even look at the guitar and he doubted he could do anything to fix it because he's not had luck in the past with this particular problem. So, I called Musician's Friend and they shipped a new one out today and I dropped the one I had off at the UPS with a pre-paid sticker. I should have the new one on Monday or Tuesday. Hopefully that one turns out correctly. -K
  4. Here's my take so far: While I typically use light strings (it's shipped with standards), the guitar feels great. For those of you who haven't played this yet and are interested: Good stuff: - Decent action and good speed. - At first it's weird playing and not seeing that headstock. 30 mins in though, I like it much better without the headstock. - The leg kickstand thing is great. I have a bad back, so putting my left leg up on a footstool all the time tweaks me out a bit. With the ZT3's kickstand, I can sit normal and still get the same positioning. - Great access to the 24th fret. - No hum after strum. You hit and stop a chord and you don't hear any ringing. - Neck width and thickness is nice. Not-so-good stuff: - The sound is a little dull, but I'm used to the JEM's very hot pickups so I'm probably a little spoiled. Too bad there aren't options for EMG's. I will definitely want to change out the pickups at some point. - I really can't tell much differences between the pickups, regardless of configuration. - Cord jack is in a weird place. It really needs to be angled up. If you set your guitar down, it'll tip over. Be warned! - It's bottom heavy. How can it not be? There's barely anthing from the neck up (sounds like some people I know). - Doesn't come with all the wrenches for all the pieces. I guess there are nuts that they don't want you to mess with. - My transtrem did not work out of the box. I have to go to a warranty company on day #2 of owning the instrument to see if they can make it work. - The finish is so so. There is actually a scratch under the top layer on the top of my guitar. It's about 1/2" long. Not a huge deal, but that's a little shoddy for a $1,700 guitar. - ...forgot one...It doesn't come with the famous rolling capo. - You can only use the whammy bar when you are in middle (E) tuning. You can't use it in D#, D, F, or F#. Hope that helps someone with choosing to go after this instrument or not! -K
  5. Thanks Andy. I tried that too. Even tried the little ones under the bar (volume control side). If I tighten the one between b and b, it will put it into lock mode and allow no trem. If I loosen it then it takes a lot to get it into lock mode. The ones under the bar didn't seem to have any effect either. I called Gibson and they referred me to a warranty shop. It's a little disconcerting to have to go to a warranty shop on day #2 of owning the guitar. :/ Hopefully it's a quick fix; otherwise, I'm going to have to return the guitar. All the best! -K
  6. Thanks, Eagle. I'm not sure how much more I can tighten it. I don't want to break the thing. It is quite tight. There is no play in the bar, and it does move the notes down to D. When you push down and move it clockwise, the note drops great (full step) and stays there. If, however, you move the bar back to normal position, that's when it pops back into place. Maybe I'll try to video it tomorrow so you guys can see what's happening. Thanks again! -K
  7. Hello all, My ZT3 arrived today (from musician's friend). I've owned an Ibanez JEMVWH for about 8 years now and I've been looking for a change. The ZT3 is quite different! Anyway, I love the way the guitar feels but there are a couple of things I'd like to figure out. 1 - Is there anyway to make the trem drop more than one octave on dives? On the JEM (and most any trem I've ever used) I can flatten the bar to the point where the strings flop around. Is it possible to make this trem allow for that as well? Playing Eruption, for example, sounds weird when you do the low-E dive and only go down so far. 2 - I can't get the Trem to change the tuning. I've watched the tech video a few times and Mr. Steinberger just assumes that it works when you open the box. I guess that's a fair assumption, but I think mine is incorrectly configured (or I'm doing something totally wrong). Here's what happens: I press the bar down and move it toward the ground. I drop from an E to a D (no 1/2 step). The bar stays in locked position at this point. If I move it back to floating position, I hear a pop and the tuning jumps back to an E. Same thing happens if I try to move to F from E, except that it does go to F and not all the way to F#. I don't see any troubleshooting for this type of problem. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks. -K
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