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  1. Hi - you can get an inexpensive and very solid brass or aloy string adapter at www.guitarsend.com for $39. these work very well for any type of string that you want to use with your headless guitar.
  2. You'll have more options as far as strings go if you buy a string adapter they are only $39 over a www.guitarsend.com
  3. Glad you found a solution. Sometimes using a different type of string helps, you might give yourself more string options by buying an adapter over at www.GuitarSend.com for $39
  4. You will have a lot more string options if you pick up a string adapter. they are $39 at www.guitarsend.com
  5. Might try to find a string adapter like the ones available on www.guitarsend.com. not very expensive about $39
  6. You might check out www.guitarsend.com for headless string adapters, looks like they carry one for every model. cheers, Tim
  7. www.GuitarSend.com carries the string adapters, might try looking there. cheers, Tim
  8. You might add a string adapter to your list, I find it to be very comforting to know that I can pop on any set of strings that I want, especially if I am traveling somewhere that it is hard to find good double ball end strings. www.guitarsend.com has them for $39. cheers, Tim
  9. I noticed that there are some pretty decent string adapters on www.guitarsend.com, looks like they have on for every model... hopefully this helps! Tim
  10. I saw that hey are for sale at www.GuitarSend.com for $39.99, looks like they have one for almost every type of headless guitar. Cheers! Tim
  11. Gibson may or may not have written off Steinberger but the fan base is growing by leaps and bounds. take a look at www.guitarsend.com a site built specifically for steinberger owners. Also there is some growth as far as retailers are concerned. SweetWater.com now offers the guitars and parts if you call them
  12. Sounds good, I wonder how seriously Gibson is taking the Steinberger Brand of guitars. I think that if they were to really put an effort into properly communicating a vision for the Steinberger future they could have a lot more success with the design. I guess for now we can just be happy that they offer us what they do.
  13. Gibson er... Steinberger seems to have redone their entire line of guitar and of course added the ZT3 (here is a cool video of Algis Greitai playing his ZT3 on stage). I'm wondering if they are going to soon have a complete line of Steinberger guitars? :P that would be cool. When do we get a Steinberger full body (like the ZT3) at a more affordable price? Steinberger Fantastic Slap n Snap bass guitarist!
  14. have you checked out Guitar Send Europe? Looks like they offer a shipping service for those looking for Steinbergers. Unfortunately its going to be hard to maintain the guitar is anything goes wrong since there are no international Gibson authorized dealers :P but its the price one must pay to be headless!
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