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    It is my understanding that MusicYo has shut down. The current line of available Steinbergers can be found at www.steinberger.com. The site also has a list of dealer sites. Getting parts is a problem. One person suggested that I contact Gibson directly (they own Steinberger) and try to get it from their back inventory or special order the part. I have not tried this yet, but might be doing so very soon.
  2. Note that Music Yo has gone out of business, so you need to find another part source.
  3. I believe you can purchase single strings in bulk at a good price from Just Strings (juststrings.com). I purchase single strings (Labella double ball) from them for my bass guitar (though not often as it is very rare for me to break a bass string).
  4. I tried to use single ball strings on my 5-string Synapse Bass but ran into a problem. The clamp down set screw ended up causing the B and E strings to unravel at the point of contact. Can anyone tell me what I did wrong? BTW, I used TI Jazz round wounds as they were the only set I found where the B string (0.118) would fit through the single ball string adaptor opening.
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