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  1. Thanks for the link dude! Looks like their wiki is having issues right now (it gives an error saying that LOL), but I will bookmark it and check back later. For now I purchased a Seymour Duncan Distortion to load into the bridge position. So when the wiki comes back up it will be helpful for that as well because I'm not sure how to wire it in! LOL I'm a wreck :) Thanks again!!
  2. Hi guys! I am getting ready to purchase the "boat oar" style Steinberger GT Pro Deluxe and was looking for replacement pickups for it to purchase at the same time. My big question is this: Can active circuitry be retrofitted into this body? It's awfully small and I wonder if there is room for the battery? Anyone tried this yet? I'm considering either installing a set of EMG 81/85 or Seymour Duncan Mustaine Live Wires. Anyway, both require a battery (or is it two??) so I don't want to purchase something that won't fit. Hard to do sight unseen :) If they WONT fit, here's a followup question. Since the neck and body are both Maple, has anyone tried a Duncan Distortion in one of these yet? I'm curious if it would be too bright. If I can't go the "active" route, then had considered a Seymour Duncan Distortion for the bridge and a Duncan Jazz or 59 for the neck. I've got a similar setup in one of my Jackson King Vs and it sounds great. Just wondering about the Steinberger. Thanks for any and all info as always! :)
  3. Thanks so much for the info. Can I ask one more question (and forgive me if it's in any way hijacking the thread)? I am looking for a hardshell case for when I buy my GT Pro. Musicians Friend has one, but they say its for the Synapse. Can you or anyone here tell me if it will fit the GT Pro? http://accessories.musiciansfriend.com/product/Steinberger-Synapse-TranScale-Hard-Case?sku=541493
  4. Oh wow... dude... I JUST signed up for this site too, to ask the VERY SAME QUESTION! How nuts is that? LOL I am on the road 99% of the time and am trying to put together an inexpensive mobile "studio" of sorts. I grabbed a Line 6 POD Studio GX to plug directly into my MacBook Pro (its TINY so fits in my suitcase nicely), so was looking at picking up a Steinberger Spirit GT Pro Deluxe. It looks like it would be PERFECT and small enough to carry aboard the planes. So I'm with the original poster here.. I'm very curious to learn the dimensions of not on the gig bag but hard case as well if anyone knows. I will say this, I've owned a Spirit GT Pro years ago and ended up selling it for one reason or another. Wish I hadn't. With updated electronics it was a wonderful guitar! On stage and in the studio I use Jackson King Vs. The cases those fit in... well... you could park a small car in them. So I'd rather not haul them around by hand if I don't have to. Steinberger here I come! Thanks for any info!
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