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  1. I was looking at that one myself... nice score.
  2. I am most comfortable with a Strat in my hands, even more so than a Les Paul. It's the tone that I'm not a huge fan of, it's not what I'm after. I guess that's why I love my PRS, it's a great compromise between an LP and a Strat. Similar feel to a Strat with more balls almost like an LP. I can get nice single coil tones from it too. It doesn't replace either one, but it does it all. I would give up my BFG for an Ash American Fat Strat or PRS Mira though. Don't discount a Highway One if you are going new... awesome guitars.
  3. I'll agree with you there. A Strat is definitely more comfortable to play than an LP, but it still isn't bad. Right now, I'm only down to two electrics and my PRS is way more comfortable than my BFG. The Silverburst V felt awkward to play. It sounded great and looked great, but I couldn't get used to it.
  4. Nice Fenders, the Fat Strat is awesome and the Tele is really nice. I love the look of a Tele, but the sound isn't for me, still I'd like to get one eventually after I get a new Strat. Seeing your Surf Green Strat makes me kick myself for selling mh Highway One. At least it went for a good reason.
  5. A bit off topic, but Silverburst related... hey Bram, what did you think of Crack The Skye?
  6. I had one paired with an Invader in my Ibanez SZ720. The Invader was kind of crap, but the '59 was sweet. I had it wired for coil splitting and phase reversal, too. Try out some Duncans, the '59, Pearly Gates and for something a little hotter, the Screamin' Demon. All are supposed to be PAF type pickups and are wax potted. The Seth Lover Model is probably the closest you're going to get to a Burstbucker 1,2 or 3 type pickup, they aren't potted. I still would love to try out a 59 and Screamin' Demon.
  7. I do one at a time unless I'm oiling the fretboard. It keeps the bridge and tailpiece on my BFG and keeps some tension on the trem of my PRS. I did learn a nice little trick when restringing a Strat while taking all strings off. Stick the backplate under the trem, it'll keep tension on the springs.
  8. My Les Paul BFG and my old Flying V hummed quite a bit. Most other guitars I've owned were virtually quiet. I shielded the cavities with aluminum tape and it quieted them down considerably. I've never had to do it with any other guitar.
  9. I had a DLO transmitter with my old iPod and I always got a clear signal. I have a Belkin with my newer Nano and I can't get a clear signal anywhere. Same with my fiancee. They must have a weaker signal now. I'm in the NYC suburbs, so there's a lot of interference and I guess the newer transmitters can't cut through it all.
  10. I'd look for a used Silverburst Custom, a Les Paul Traditional Plus in Desertburst or Traditional in Goldtop. For other brands, I'd look into a PRS Mira Maple Top with Birds in Whale Blue or a Fender American Standard Ash Strat HSS in Sienna Sunburst. If I got the Strat, I'd have some extra cash for some other stuff too.
  11. I use a Boss Metal Zone, Ibanez Tube Screamer TS7 and an Original Crybaby through Blackheart Handsome Devil combo. Most of the time I just crank the drive up on the Blackheart because I'm too lazy to take the pedals out.
  12. I like Ovations. A Celebrity would be in the $400 and below range, maybe a decent used one on eBay too. A used X series from Martin wouldn't be bad either and the AE and Artwood series from Ibanez are decent enough.
  13. I saw that Silverburst a few months ago. I think the price was originally $2999 if it wasn't $2899 to start with. Pretty nice though.
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