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  1. Hey, Just putting it out there to see if anyone had changed their pickups in the ZT3? Been thinking about changing the pickups, looking for a more defined sound for jazz and rock playing. I find the stock pickups to be little dull. Anyone have any suggestions/thoughts? Thanks
  2. So I replaced the 1st string on my ZT3 but now I can't seem to keep it in tune! When I lock it in the E position, I tune it up, take it out of locked position into floating position the guitar is out of tune! What I notice is that when I put the trans trem in the E locked position it moves slightly back, so I see why Its going out of tune but How do I adjust this so it doesn't do this? Any help would be great, Thanks
  3. Hey Guys, So I popped the 1st string on my ZT3. No big deal I guess, had to order a set of steinberger strings. Here's the deal, now that there's no 1st string, the trans trem has moved to the F position. Right now the guitar is in F as if it were its standard tuning, now is that a tension problem? cause of the lack of the 1st string? I thought that on these guitars you would stay in tune even if you popped a string? I guess I'll now when I replace the string if it goes back to standard E tuning, but I just find this weird. Isn't supposed to stay in tune(standard E) with a popped string? Any thoughts would be great Thanks
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