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  1. Replace all of it with some active EMG's. Those Emg's are not very good. I've done it to both of mine and it is a world of difference.
  2. The problem ( I believe ) is supply and demand. As the economy is as it is more guitar players are looking for the most bang for their buck and as more people are finding out the spirits come with a thru neck and free floating trem. which is impossible to find in any guitar for $400. Don't feel too bad I to am one of those holding a number to get to the counter. Since this will be my third one I know it is worth the wait. You can buy almost any other model right now and if you are willing to buy a white standard model I found them available as of last week.
  3. You should be able to accomplish this with just a decent sized drill bit since the output jack requires just a little more depth.
  4. If you are looking for a inexpensive hard case for these guitars go to your local walmart and buy a cheap gun case. They should work perfect and cost about $20. U.S.
  5. I answered this question for another person who posted recently see his answer. Simple process. Go for it.
  6. Router and drill away. It is far worth it. I have installed active EMGs in two of my Basses and will do so again when I receive my newly ordered six slinger. Installation is fairly simple. If you can read a map you can install pickups just don't over heat anything when installing. The amount of drilling or routering is very minimal. Enjoy!
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