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  1. Let us know how you go!!
  2. I wonder if we'll ever see a Synapse with a trem? An SS-2F type guitar with a TTrem would be nice, hell, even an RTrem would be nice, how come Ned left out the Trem on all of the Synapse models? :) i wonder if any new model Steinbergers are on the Horizon. Things seem to be very quiet here atm...
  3. Hi Guys, I have a couple of questions about the TT3. I have never owned a guitar with a TT, so please excuse if my questions seem dumb. 1) What advantages does the TT3 have over the TT2 (features/reliability/flexibility)? 2) The TT2 was apparently made from a soft metal which means parts wore quickly, is the TT3 made from the same material? 3) What configuration does the TT3 arrive in? Is it a E->Eb->D and E->F->F# setup?
  4. I believe I have solved it. The sadle locking nut on the side of the bridge was loose! It was completely open, causing the sadles to be free to move. Tightened it and it seems to have remedied the problem. Why did they leave it loose after manufacturing it? :/
  5. So this stuff should be ok?: http://accessories.musiciansfriend.com/product/Kyser-Dr.-Stringfellow-LemOil?sku=421902
  6. Hi Guys, I purchased a new SS-2F a couple of months back. everything seems ok except I notice that the high 'e' (bottom string) buzzes, this results in a "twang" sort of sound when the 'E' string is plucked or strummed. Because of this there is also less sustain on the string. Firstly, I have not touched a single adjustment of the guitar since receiving it, so I assume the action, intonation etc was set in the factory and shouldn't need touching (so the manual says)? This guitar I believe ships with .10-.46 gauge strings and was adjusted for this in the factory. I have replaced the original strings with .10-.46 gauge la bella double ball strings (as the strings that came with it broke instantly as soon as i did a bend on the high 'e'. The buzz seems to be emanating from where the saddle is. Sometimes if i apply a small amount of pressure to the saddle and strum the high 'e', it sounds as it should, without the buzzing or twang. Is there some adjustment to counter this problem?
  7. HI Guys, Can anyone make recommendations on how to keep the phenolic fingerboard on my SS-2F clean and in good condition? Whats safe to clean with?
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