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  1. Does ZT3 available at L+M store in Toronto? If yes, for how much?
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    ZT3 Pickups

    OK guys, I have a theory that I need you all (owners of the broken heart...err... I mean ZT3) to verify. My theory is that the pickups used in ZT3 are actually a modified EMG pickups. Gibson USA 90R => EMG 89R Gibson USA 91T => EMG 81 Since I don't have ZT3 yet, can you confirm this for me? Does ZT3 stock pickups have the same sound characteristic as EMG 81/85/89 pickups that Steinberger always used in the old days? And which one do you prefer, ZT3 stock coil tap pickups or EMG 89/89R coil tap pickups? Thank you for your answer.
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