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  1. I once owned an Epi LP, and I think I made the most amount of changes in the history of epi mods...
  2. The Classic has a 9-ply through-neck (walnut/mahogany), just like its Gibson cousin. Very different to the Pro-IV. Also, the Classic has genuine Gibson pickups, identical to it's Gibson counterpart. When I was deciding between the 2, it was a no-brainer... I went with the model that most resembled the specs of the Gibson Thunderbird. However, if you prefer active pickups, perhaps the Pro-IV is for you
  3. I got me some Sprague Vitamin Q caps... lovely. If you're getting 4 new pots, might want to think about doing the Jimmy Page mod (4 push pulls). Here's an inside pic of mine:
  4. Found this clip to be amusing... At the end, Lennon says this of his Casino; "This guitar is just crippling beyond belief. I can't play it." before anyone thinks I'm bashing Casino's, I'm not! I used to own one and should never have sold it
  5. in case you don't know what i'm talking about, read up on it here: http://www.epiphone.com/news.asp?NewsID=1412 it was published January 9th, 2009
  6. I know this is the wrong forum, but the BASS FORUM is hardly visited! What ever happened to the promised Epiphone Thunderbird Pro? The one with the 7 piece neck through construction. Epiphone announced it several months ago, and I am still yet to see any websites, stores or ebayers selling them. When are they coming out? WHy release the press release a year before we can even see/touch/play them? grrr
  7. no. not that one, but that one looks swell. the one i'm lookin at is being sold for the equivalent of 879 GBP, or 1,288 USD so i guess that's a pretty good price then?
  8. hey guys, got a chance to get my paws on a 1993, Terada made, Orville by Gibson '59 Reissue Les Paul (the kind that has fret-edge binding, nitro finish, gibson pickups, etc). Not your everyday, run-of-the-mill, LP copy. For those of you who actually know your ObG stuff, what sort of price would you say I should be expecting to pay on this ace axe?
  9. i had that EXACT same guitar dude! i mean EXACT. From what i remember i paid $60 some 3 years ago. don't wanna burst your bubble, but it was without a doubt the WORST guitar i have EVER owned, and i've owned about 25 in my short 28 years on this earth. don't even bother plugging it in... you'll get a mediocre sound at best when playing unplugged. not worth $20 as far as i'm concerned. sorry dude
  10. you've got 2 different things being commemorated there... the first strat, and the founding of Fender
  11. slasher, you keep asking as many questions as you want mate! that's what this forum is for. if people have issues with them, they can CHOOSE to not open threads started by slasher. simple. I understand your frustration with not being able to personally test as many guitars as you'd like due to the restrictions faced in your country. Good luck when you do buy one, and remember to post as many pics as you'd like once you have it
  12. i rewired my LP to Jimmy Page 4 push/pull schematic some while ago. I just used any wire i found lying around... and from all different sources. Some came from headphone cables, some from a power adapter, heck, i even used the thick wire found in extension leads that go into house mains because i ran out!!! it looked VERY messy, but worked! Some time later, i decided i would rewire it using purpose-designed wire. Can't remember the gauge, just remember that the black plastic coating is heat/fire proof, and i remember i was amazed when my tech took a lighter to some of it and tried burning/
  13. non of the epi's have a maple top, period! not the standards, not the studios, none. you'll get some distant-cousin-of-mahogany body (luaun) if you're lucky, alder if you're not, and capped with an alder cap (if you're lucky, at least it's closer to maple than luaun is) or luaun if you're not. The "maple" that epiphone claims that their les paul's have is a paper-thin veneer, literally PAPER THIN. It may as well not be there as far as tone is concerned, it only improves the asthetics of the guitar. hope that clears up the maple cap debate.
  14. Some of my pedals: Guitars I currently own: Fender Highway 1 Jazz Bass Edwards LP-98LTS Fender DG-14S Fender Telecaster MIM Some of the MANY Guitars I have owned:
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