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  1. I have given up totally on all my web pages & sites because of the BS with the image hosting.. Hardly even visit the sites anymore because of it.. So now when I get a new guitar or gear I just put it with the rest & go on.. That's a sweet guitar in the photo even if it isn't the one the OP asked about.. ROCK ON!! WANTED FREE IMAGE HOSTING Without ALL The BS Gary/Hk BTW last acquisition was a 1979 Ibanez Artist that my son bought in the case at the Salvation Army for $50 = SWEET!!
  2. He didn't care for the FOTL logo, they make men's underwear btw but doesn't look outrageous.. The Hawk has become one of his favorite guitars.. It also gave me a bridge pickup for our jackson DK2M pile of skulls.. He says the bridge gives him a nice place to dig in kinda like the early Lesters do..
  3. My Son David picked this " The Hawk" up for a trade of a crappy $100 indo Parker PDF60 + another bill + tax. We have already changed pickups = Seymour Duncan P-Rail + Triple Shot switchable ring & I just finished up putting "A Little Thunder" in the neck & also added a 2nd output jack for going to a bass amp. I'll have to get picks of the finished guitar later on.. Here's what it looked like when He came across it @ MGR -----> Gibson "The Hawk" Music Go Round He also put a sticker over the FOTL logo on the body & headstock.. Being he already has a Blueshawk & Nighthawk
  4. Hey that can of color TV tuner lube lasted for 200+ guitars that I serviced or owned in the last 35 years.. Who even knew that TVs weren't color or had control knobs?? I still have an old black & white with knobs in the basement hooked to an Atari & Pong.. These new fangled flat panel TVs don't even have picture tubes.. Tubes?? HaHa!! I hope that I'll pass the can of Deoxit to one of my sons when I pass.. Just a tip.. IF you can't gain access to the rear of the pot either because it doesn't have a slot or is a stacked pot you can put a piece of rubber tubing/heat shrink tubing
  5. I prefer Mother's Polish Too!! Autozone has it.. ROCK ON!! Gary/Hk
  6. I too have noticed the difference in the knob quality in the last 10+ years.. Would almost guarantee the new ones are made in china.. As far as TONE goes, A pretty knob is a good knob.. I used several of these SG knob sets on Hawks, Nighthawks & Blueshawks that we own.. ROCK ON!! Gary/Hk
  7. That's a great mod that I might have to pull off on our NW Fanatic.. Your picture is worth a thousand works.. Thank You Sir!! I have two push/pull pots in my goodie bag just a waiting!! Gary/Hk
  8. JFYI.. The House of Blues is worth no more than any other Blueshawk.. Maybe Less?? Some don't want the logo? My Sons Fruit of the Loom "The Hawk" is one that looms to have it's decal covered, It also has one on the headstock too.. Rock On my Brotha!! Gary/Hk
  9. rct is correct!! I HAD one of the Southern Comfort House of Blues Rock N Root Series 1998 Blueshawks many years ago & also have a Fruit of the Loom The Hawk.. IIRC these were given away at Charlie Daniels concerts in the mid 90s, Some where signed by the artists others like mine where not.. As far as how many were made, The world may never know.. I do know that I sold mine to Guitar Emporium in Louisville towards a Les Paul Classic Premium Plus Trans Amber & later bought another Blueshawk as well as my son buying one two.. The quality of the house of blues was the same as the othe
  10. Congrats on the 2011 Nighthawk Goldtop.. I haven't found an issue like you with "The Hawk", Nighthawk or Blueshawk.. I do set mine up differently for each though.. I find that .010"s work best on the Hawk & Blueshawk but have .009"s on the Nighthawk Standard.. The action IS slightly higher on the two guitars with .010"s but almost imperceivable.. JFYI the hawk series came with .009" Brite Wire Gibson strings, I usually use D'Addario as the price is the best for the quality.. Need to get a few pictures of our The hawk with super pickup mods.. We put P-Rail with triple shot in the brid
  11. We picked up a Gibson "The Hawk" FOTL a few months ago @ MGR.. FOTL Gibson The Hawk @ MGR It plays pretty darn good compared to the Blueshawk & Nighthawk.. We have since put a SD P-Rail with triple shot switchable ring in the bridge & " A Little Thunder" in the neck along with a separate output jack for the ALT.. " A Little Thunder" ROCK ON!! Gary/Hk
  12. My can of Radio Shack color TV tuner lube finally gave out, I've had it since the summer of 1982.. I replaced it with the Deoxit F5 last year & all is good with my pots & switches..
  13. Happy Birthday!! Do whatever your wife/other wants.. Trust me this will get you more points than anything.. I turned 51 last month & shaved my stache & beard JFYI!! NICE Charvel!! Gary/Hk
  14. I'd keep the ES335 Too!! You can always score a Les Paul Gold Top anywhere.. Just my opinion.. I'd also say that the ES is worth more money in a side by side comparison..
  15. I have DiMarzio strap locks on several guitars & the ones with wide leather have the orange Grotch beer rubber washers.. These are what were used in the old days before Fender got the idea of selling them as gear..
  16. Left click & translate to English..

    GOT IT

    I was gonna say the same thing!! Pictures of the new BEAST!! Have I been here for 17 years now?
  18. There's not too many of the M-III Les Pauls out there but they do show up from time to time.. Share the photos when you get your finished up.. I'm still working on mine, I have lots of logs in the fire & not much time to sand etc..
  19. I understand that wholeheartedly.. I once bought a Gibson U2 online & it looked great but played like rubbish & had issues with the trem posts etc.. Sold it upfront quickly.. I suppose you should just wait & keep looking.. Look here>> Reverb Gibson DC eBay UK Gibson DC
  20. I think I would loosen the truss rod nut just a smidge, 1/16 of a turn or less, retune & see if that cures the problem, You'll be giving more relief to the neck.. The action will raise up ever so slightly.. Mark where you started with a marker on the brass nut so you'll know where you started at.. The adjustment will take some time to settle in, so notate what change was made & play the guitar.. Let us know if this helped you problem.. GOOD LUCK!! "Slash Is God!!" That's what Henry Juszkiewicz Said when Slash saved Gibson from bankruptcy in the early 90s
  21. NICE Picture!! Hey there's a Flying V that young lady is holding..
  22. Mental Note: To Self T = Traditional I also figured they gotta get a way to use up all those Tronical Tuners somewhere..
  23. Cry Baby Wha or Electro-Harmonix Muff Fuzz Peavey Sanpera I or II
  24. Try a Microfiber Towel But even these can scratch if there's dust on the guitar.. Give it a try sometime..
  25. I'd rather have Vanilla or Strawberry.. I guess my taste is ruined.. Had Diabetes for 38 years!! Get some magnets & play around with those pickups OR Sell em CHEEP!!
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