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  1. Hey shmockie, Just send it to themoorglade@aol.com Thanks
  2. 3 brand new, unopened sets of D'addario Steinberger Strings 10-46. These are callibrated for use with the transtrem system, but work with any headless steinberger style guitar. I have no use for them, I use 9s. $20 shipped.
  3. Hi Everybody, I hope its ok to post a for sale here, since people might be looking for Steinbergers. I have this amazing GM-7TA (music yo) with transtrem that was just set up by Peekamoose, the masters of Steinberger repair. They rebuilt/tuned the Transtrem perfectly, replaced the frets, plekked and went over everything else. I can say that this is one of the nicest I've seen from this era. It has a beautiful flame top in warm amber and nice alder body. The setup work alone cost $700. I'm asking $2200. Please take a look at this pic and email me at dschlacter@yahoo.com with a
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