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  1. Hey all, just wanted to drop a line and let you know of the latest project I've been involved with "Level Ground" by Brian Doerksen. It hits stores here in Canada tomorrow (Sept. 14th) and I think possibly elsewhere in Europe... anywho, it's a live CD/DVD which at least half of the tunes were tracked with my Synapse bass, loved to use it and sat great in the mix (i dig the DVD mix better than the CD but that's just me ;p ) so ya, that's 'bout it :) cheers! pd
  2. Hi guys, well, I just picked up a Yamaha Nathan East NE-1 "Magic Box" out-board pre and I've gotta tell ya, it sounds amazing with the synapse. amazing!!! so if you stumble upon one... BUY IT!!
  3. Duuuuudes!!! It was a total financial stretch when I picked up my XS 4 custom but from the moment I played her, I knew it had to be. anywho, fast forward a month, I'm gearing up to do a new release with one of my main gigs and heading into rehearsals I was sure to bring along my trusty PBass and.... the 'Berger!!! to which I've been getting nothing but the initial smirks, laughs, "80's" comments, and general flak from all of my musical compatriots. well, after massaging with my Tech21 VT Bass pedal (a new must have for me) the 'Berger has not only been accepted into the fold but
  4. amazing!! the P-Bass got the bulk of the work out today but that's just because of the vibe of the tunes and session and the flats did fit a lot of the songs BUT!!!!! I pulled out the Steiney for a track especially at the request of the producer (cuz he hadn't seen one in yeeeears!) anywho, it sounded great, detuned it by a half step to fit the song (in Eb ) and it worked out great. straight in to an Avalon U5 then into Radar. sweeeeeet!!!!!!
  5. So I have just become the proud owner of an XS-1FPA Custom (in red) and goooooood lordy Barry Gordy!!! Can not get enough of it!!!!! one question though.... what strings are you all using? I have been a fairly dedicated Rotosound user but am interested to know what you gus have stumbled upon. anywho, cheers and sooooo amazingly thrilled to finally be part of the club. Will be on a session with it in the morning... can't wait!!
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