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  1. i do have 2 gibsons did you see my sig.? so are you saying your custom shop guitar has less resonace than faded guitar.? sounds like a good test for myth busters. i just think a 800 dollar+ guitar should have a better finish at least look as good as a epi or mex strat.
  2. if you mean slimer or close to a sg standard them any of the les pauls with the 60's neck
  3. Congrats on the guitar I was looking on getting one of these or the firebird tribute. not knocking it but it looked real good till i saw the back of the body. it just looks like hell. the wood grain not filled or sealed just the same old sloppy finish of the faded studios. is the wood finish really that bad on the back of the body ? im sure it sounds and plays great but i dont think i could live with that level of workman ship.
  4. Yea i know how you feel. pay all that money and gets defects. it has to be from the case and the finish is not cured. i has a poll up about there quality heres the link http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/80314-gibson-quality-conrtol-your-turn-to-have-a-say/
  5. I have those same marks on my les pual and my sg. it is from the case for sure and non cured paint
  6. if you have the stuido gold top they are not a limited run , just the modle name
  7. I know what your saying i have a poll and its seems about 50/50 on quality control issues. the ony thing is i find i hard to belive that i have a problem with a guitar and gibson gives me the run around and people here voted to not have henery/gibson contact me. kind of rude i think but i maybe wrong on that just cant get anywere with them. poll http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/80314-gibson-quality-conrtol-your-turn-to-have-a-say/page__p__1097328#entry1097328
  8. Try looking on guitar center site or how about craigslist ads in your area. there are some 4-5 watt tube amps for around 200.00 new. any of them would be way better than what you were looking at. 4-5 watt tube amps are pretty loud. they will suprise you. link http://www.guitarcenter.com/Fender-Vibro-Champ-XD-Guitar-Combo-Amp-104494265-i1371396.gc http://www.guitarcenter.com/Tube-Combo-Amplifiers-Combo-Amplifiers.gc?categorysearch=true&o=1
  9. Like some one else said FORGET THE EFFECTS PROCESSER. i can see from you amp/guitar link you posted you are probley a beginner. you also stated you dont care about the hotter bridge pickup. but you will regret not getting it. the standard is the better guitar. if all the money i had would just get me the sg standard i would not think twice about it. but i see you have a problem wanting effects and a guitar. My best advise would be to put you money into a new or used tube amp first. and a cheaper sg or tube amp and a epiphone les paul or sg, and forget the processor. you dont need it. use the amp settings/overdrive and eq to get close. also you could change the pickups later when you get more money and progres from there if you not getting close the tone from the video from you amp then its not going to help any other guitar sound better on it. amps do make a differnce. also slash likes to roll the neck pickups tones down low or no tone on the neck pick up. i do this a lot when playing knocking on heavens door solo's ect . i have a digitech rp500 but just with my amps and some over drive and playing with the tone controls on the amp it sounds really close. Try playing around with the tone/volume knobs on you guitar they do make a difference . so just take some time and think it over visit some guitar stores and try out amps ect. i know its tough but nobody gets there over knight. i wish you all the luck with your quest. If you really want to know what slash uses for his sounds see what he uses in the vid. link. its not as easy as most people think. later.
  10. heck i didnt know you could put lemon oil or conditioner on a maple fret board. all the fret board treatments i have say not for maple fret boards.?
  11. If you want a 60's neck you could go with a silverburst or white sg from guitar center or musicans friend. i wanted a 60's neck and i went with a silverburst model. alot cheaper than a 60's reissue. also look for the cupons you could save over 100 bucks. but if the limited neck feels good to you i would buy that. link belowhttp://images.guitarcenter.com/products/optionLarge/Gibson/DV016_Jpg_Large_583403.001_silverburst_close_angle.jpg http://www.guitarcenter.com/Gibson-SG-Standard-with-Coil-Splitting-Electric-Guitar-105474654-i1476657.gc
  12. ok mine has the 60's slim profile neck. the siver burst. also the white was avail in the 60's neck along with the 61 reissues witch is alot more money. i went to see if i could find one you were looking at. and i did. it has the 50 proflile neck not the 60's and they dont have burstbucker pro's in them they have coil taped 498 and 490 pickups. i ask the manager was this guitar avable as a exclusive in a 60's neck. and burst bucker pros, he looked it up on the computer. hears what it said. all of the sg that had the open pickups/no covers. are avail in aged cherry.cream, and 2 burst colors all with standard sg necks/50' style. no 60's taper necks were aval or made on those models. and no burst bucker pros, I was suppriesed myself. if i was you i and was going to buy it i would go to the store and have them show you were it says it has the 60's neck. and burst buckerpro's Its no supries some of these guys at guitar center dont have a clue what they are talking about; well i tried it out and it played good as good as a sg standard. but it did not have the feel of a 60's neck. thats not a bad thing. i find that the sg standards neck is slim enought and it might have more sustain than a 60' neck. i cant find it on the guitar center site right at the moment but theres a link below to it at musians friend. also i have 2 catologs from guitar center and there is no mention of a 60's neck profile in the discription. i own a sg and a les paul with coil taps and burst bucker's both guitar center excusives. and i also own a strat. the coil taps dont even come close to a strat in sound in my opion. maybe a tele. just play a few more and do some research to find what right for you best wishes with your gibson quest http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/gibson-sg-standard-electric-guitar-with-coil-splitting-humbucker-pickups/h78103000001000
  13. i forgot to ad wait for a discount cupon from gc or musicians freind you can save a 100.00 or more good luck on your guitar search
  14. I could not do with out a les paul or a strat. or my sg. It just seems if you like a lot of differnt music you cant get the right sound unless you user the right guitar for the song. you can get close but its not as good as what the original guitarist used. so you can expect to love all your guitars and swap them regularly depending on the mood your in.
  15. about teaking the amp maybe,if you switch guitars back and forth, more like setting your tone knobs. but i have no problems. i have a les paul trad pro with burstbucker 3 and a 57 in the neck. also a sg with burstbucker 3 and a burstbucker 1 in the neck. i do like the 57 in the neck for more of the rock leads but for blues i have tone nobs turened to about 5-6 on the neck and bridge in both guitars and never had to mess with the amp at all once you set the amp up for the tone you need. i use a peavey classic 30 and 50 watt amps. also a fender 212 100watt. no issues with amp settings. if i am correct joe bonamasa's les paul has burst buckers in it a bb3 and a bb2 in the neck. as for burstbuckers or 57's being better than one another i just dont hear it. but either pickups are great.
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