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  1. Gumbino When I stopped by the plant a few summers ago, I mentioned to Don R. a problem with my 2015 SJSC Supreme. It was an issue related to buzzing out strings especially on the high E, G and B strings, and seemed to occur above about fret 7 or so. He said "Don't worry -- let me know and we'll get it figured out". I thought I would let it "sit" for sometime, and get a set up done locally first. The set up only helped marginally; still have some buzzing. It's quite annoying, as this is otherwise a great playing guitar and sounds great too. Plus, it's a looker too. It's now been well over a year since I have had the set up done but the guitar is not my go-to guitar for new ones -- I often reach for "anything but the SCSJ" due to that annoying issue. I'll wait to hear what happens with yours first, before doing anything, and I hope it gets sorted! Fred
  2. It's generally referred to as an L-5 fingerboard. Fred
  3. I'm not so sure about the "1970s" date for this Hummingbird. I agree that the '70s saw a switch to small block inlays for Hummingbirds. Here's a nice illustration: But you'll notice that the inlays on the Petty Hummingbird are larger. To me it appears that his has something like an L-5 fingerboard on it: bound board, larger blocks, ebony (?) possibly, and the pointed fingerboard end. Don't know what the story is on this one, but it does not seem to conform to the typical specs for the 70s Birds. Perhaps someone else has the low-down on this guitar? Fred
  4. Very nicely done, Lars! I assume that you used your banner, but was that the only one, or did you also put Sheryl to the test? Like other posters, I would love to get a copy if you have a spare! Fred
  5. Jinder I did not see this thread until AFTER I read the "Dove Fret" thread -- my bad. As you likely can gather I like the J-185. It's similar to and in fact was the basis for the initial Everlys model. Although I think it's long scale and a maple neck, with similar but possibly slightly modified bracing. Not sure about that bit, and I'm referring here to the '60s Everlys compared with the '50s J-185s, not the current crop of either model which probably has exactly the same bracing. When the Dwight Yoakam Y2K model came out, people poo-poo'd it due to its goofy "half-acre of pickguard". I wasn't too crazy about the look either, but, I must say that almost without exception, every example of the Dwight J-180 that I found played real nice and had a real sweet and big sound! There's been a number of variants of the "Everly/J-180" over the years; here's hoping the frets don't fall out of this one. I'm glad that you resolved the Dove and found your 'Little Suzie'!! Best, Fred
  6. I actually don't miss it much.
  7. There are some reputable Gibson dealers in Japan; I think you'd be "in good hands" buying from them. Some of them stock not only some cool and unique Gibson Montana models (I think some of the first LG re-issues were ordered by the Japanese dealers, e.g.), but some nice vintage guitars show up in Japan too. I have not purchased yet from a Japanese dealer, but for sure, make an effort to ask the right questions and establish some sort of rapport with them before pulling the proverbial trigger, and confirm a return policy. Fred
  8. It appears that there are perhaps a few more layers to the story than just the "they fired those hardworking older craftsmen - what heartless jerks". Another side suggests that Heritage may have been losing money and was using old methods to produce somewhat inconsistent instruments; new management is interested in/has introduced CNC and other 'new technology' in an attempt to modernize, streamline, and improve production. There has been resistance from perhaps some of the 'old guard' who were unwilling to adapt and adopt the new methods, the same methods used in production in pretty much all manufacturing -- including most guitar builders -- and the management decided that it was time to part ways. I know an individual builder who actually is a one-man show and even HE uses a CNC machine -- he simply cannot afford not to anymore, and says it has saved his hands and arms from the repetitive tasks that are required to build his instruments (he builds mostly mandolins, and a lesser amount of guitars). Obviously, I don't have access to the Whole Story in the Heritage example, but if the resistance to the use of efficient and accurate machinery such as CNC and Pleks in production becomes a sticking point for some traditionalists, it may be appropriate to part ways. Don't know how it was handled, on a personal basis for these chaps, and perhaps that is part of the story here too....? In any case, I hope they land on their feet, so to speak, but I also wish Heritage the best in what continues to be a competitive market that has a lot of players in it, and -- in my view -- is past saturation for guitar product. Fred
  9. Wow.... that's a drag! I've bought a number of Gibsons from Mike and Jeremy Fuller and their staff. I remember crawling through the attic over Mike's office one time looking through his SJ re-issues -- what fun! So -- (long time ago) Elderly, (more recently) Dave's and now Fuller's -- no longer dealers. Too bad....
  10. Pull his leg if you like to, but just don't pull his finger!!
  11. My RMA turnaround times have varied between a few weeks and a few months. Generally I've been very satisfied with the service and the work, with the notable exception of a refin that was royally messed up by someone who is no longer with the company. I'd be pretty confident that they will make it right.
  12. Very nice, Red!! And, what can I say, that was a great choice of guitar!! Fred
  13. It's about time. They have silly high prices on a lot of their Gibson stock. I generally buy only used there, or else used privately.
  14. Initialled by one of the builders, who is still there now.
  15. Someone advised me that about 190 of that limited run were made. Fred
  16. Looks very Epi-phony (fake) to me. Not an SJ-45 Deluxe. Fred
  17. Been to Austin once, on business, and managed a couple of 'guitar visits'; I'd suggest looking at Austin Vintage Guitars. I visited there when they were in their earlier location and they had some nice old vintage Gibsons. Fred
  18. I like the look of the originals. Fred
  19. Beautiful!! I have one too, a 2015 model, and it is a beauty. Fred
  20. J-1854Me


    Yeah.... that's not happening!
  21. J-1854Me


    That looks to me like a late '50s - mid-'60s case for a slope shouldered guitar. I keep my '59 Country Western in a case that looks like that: What's in yours? :-) Fred
  22. Hmmph -- off topic, but it looks like I'll need to get a new photo hosting site. Photobucket appears to be kicking me off, despite their "free" service. If anyone has a suggestion for a truly free photo hoster site, please pm me! Fred
  23. Tom, I think I found one pic of a couple: Fred
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