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  2. I have planned on purchasing a new Casino for quite a while now. My cousin purchased a new MIC Casino about 4 months ago that I have played quite a few times. I finally did decide to spring for a new vintage sunburst IBJL Casino just a couple of weeks ago because Sweetwater made me a good deal at just over $850. I figured about $300 in difference was worth it to myself for the guitar and the hardshell case. After playing my IBJL as compared to my cousin's MIC Casino on his Vox VT50 amp I didn't notice any difference in sound. The difference I did notice however was in the finish. His MIC Casin
  3. I just got my brand new IBJL Casino today from Sweetwater and it came with all of the goodies. Sure it is a cheap cable, but it is most surely better than nothing. Gotta love the poster and bumper sticker too.
  4. I was able to pick up the IBJL Casino shipped 3rd day air (because I didn't want to wait any longer than that) for $865 total. I thought it wasn't too bad of a deal especially considering you get to see the actual pictures before hand as well.
  5. Thanks everyone for all of the help and info. I just decided that Sweetwater made me too good of a deal on a IBJL Casino in vintage sunburst, so I had to order it today. I was just going to get the standard Casino, but they didn't have one, so they forced my hand. I should have it on Thursday, I will post some pictures. Again, thanks! Justin
  6. Unfortunately no stores in my area keep a Casino in stock. Also, Sweetwater only has a cherry one in stock. So I was wondering if anyone has an opinion of who would be the best to order one online from? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Thanks for all of the replies and pictures, it makes my decision easier. Thanks!
  8. Thanks for all the quick replies, it helps me out quite a bit. Unfortunatley I cannot find any shops near that have one I can play, although I did try out a DOT at a Guitar Center. What are the main differences other than hollow/semi-hollow or the fret access. Are the necks similar in thickness? Thanks.
  9. Hello, I am new to these forums and somewhat of a newby to guitar. I have been playing now for about a year and a half, and I have always wanted a Casino and I am ready to purchase one. I can really only afford the standard $600 model and prefer the vintage sunburst finish. My problem is I am having a hard time figuring out what the finish is going to look like. In all the stock photos there is a ton of black around the edges which I don't like compared to the way the Lennon model looks, but I checked around a little bit and haven't been able to find if that is the way they are or if they are
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