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  1. Hey Everyone, So just got my guitar back with new nut, saddle and pins and it sounds great (plus the intonation is right on). I went to phospher bronze vs the 80/20s I was using before love this guitar even more now. The weird thing is i paid 1400 for this guitar and i have a martin om28v i spent 3100 on and i just dont seem to play it as much :/ something special about the hog slope shoulders. To me it just sounds a little clearer? But still has the same middy mahogany tone that I really dig. I pulled the stock pick up as it seemed to sound harsh when I really dug in strumming. I am looking at the k&k mini, m1a and m80 and will run them with a lr baggs para di. what are your experiences? anyone else have a similar set up? Thanks
  2. beard


    Hey Guys, Haven't posted in a while but I just have to say that my 2008 j45 keeps getting better and better. Its at the point that i pick it up before my others. But I started reading the forums and see all these new j35 threads so I thought id google the new J35.......bad move I need to play one! they look like great guitars and the headstock looks rad too. More of a rant then a question cheers
  3. So I am just wondering what is known about how to stand a guitar in its case is there is such a proper thing. I know this is a weird topic and may seem over overcautious but as I have many guitars I don't want to get any neck twists or anything weird ( is this possible?). Is it ok of I keep them leaning upright in my music room? or should they be layed flat? Thanks
  4. I went in thinking one day I might get a dread, but recently went with an om-28v. I had a fair chunk of coin and was hoping I would like the marquis......but it wasnt to be. All I can say is I really enjoy the comfort, sound and string spacing on OM's. But if I were to narrow down to a few models the om-28v (cuz i bought it), hd-28, d35 would be at the top of my list. I don't like too much bling!
  5. I always keep my guitars with me I had a bass stolen once and am not planning on a repeat!!
  6. for round shoulder hog for sure
  7. Ive often thought about taking the electronics out of my j45. I love it once in a while but id rather just mic it I don't like the idea of having electronics in my acoustic i dunno why... beard
  8. Oval room- Blaze Foley Waltz #2-Elliot Smith Rose parade-Elliot smith waiting around to die-Townes Van Zandt
  9. I use the tortex green i think .88 but Ill give a couple other types mentioned in the thread a try I just keep buying the same ones. O and national thumb picks!!
  10. When i was only an electric guy I was told I have to have a Taylor by a few other guitarists nothing else. They just didn't sound right for me great guitars but not for me. I play them from time to time at Long and Mcquade as I do many other brands. I would never say never but have yet to play one I had to have! They sound very consistent but I don't know why..... But its interesting how people have such strong opinions concerning acoustics.
  11. thats awesome looks like ill be heading to home depot. And nice family photo I like the burst on yur 45! how do you like the martin backpacker I was looking at getting a travel guitar down the road here
  12. Nice guitar you have any sound clips? Question for you can u post a couple pictures of that stand you have for guitar cases in the background. It looks like a good storage solution!
  13. yea i picked mine up at the terminal store, have bought other gear from the surrey location two of my friends work there. I prefer the service at the Surrey location but the terminal is just huge and has lotsa of cool stuff.
  14. I really like the v shaped neck aswell. I originally thought if I were to get a martin I would get an HD-28 but I find that i really like the v shape. The string spacing is also something that drew me to it in terms of feel. Its weird because I'm only about 5"8" but my hands don't seem to have an issue and actually seem to like the V.
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