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  1. I posted back in November about the Indonesian made, Pacer FT-211S which my wife bought for me from Musician's Friend for only 99 bucks. After a while, rather than junking it, I decided to take this sorry excuse for a guitar and turn it into a rather quite, playable and great sounding instrument. The first thing that I did was to take out all of the stock electronics from the pickups , pots, and the 5 way switch. Next,I installed some Copper shielding tape in both the Humbucker and electronic compartments. I then installed a USA made, Tone Pros 500K Pot in the Volume position and a Fender 500K
  2. It's been a couple of weeks now since I've had this Indonesian made masterpiece LOL, and I have made some changes to it. I did install a Sprague Orange Cap on the stock Tone Pot which helped out immensely. I took out the stock pickups and installed some Aluminum tape in the pickup compartments to reduce the hum, after which I installed the single coils back in and left the stock humbucker out, which after looking at it, did not seem to have enough winds on it and was making the tone of the guitar rather muddy. I've rewired the 2 Single Coils with the Neck Position left as it was and the Middle
  3. I'm all calmed down now. I finally got around to doing a full setup and intonation on this guitar, and I will say this, if you put some work into it, it's not really that bad. Concerning the wiring, It's only position 2 that's off kilter. Somehow it got reversed and is in position 1, but I can live with that. I did take open the back plate to look at the wiring and it is a mish mash and I decided not to mess with it for now, but I will be seeing about getting a Orange capacitor cap for the tone knob. I did adjust the bridge saddles which did take a while and now, it stays in tune. The bridge w
  4. I just ordered one of these Kramer Pacer FT-211S models that Musician's Friend is selling on clearance for only $99.99. It finally came in today and I'm not too happy with it. Do they know how to do Guitar wiring in Indonesia, obviously not!!! Mine came with positions 2 and 5, stuck in positions 1 and 4 instead, throwing me off completely. I just emailed Kramer, asking them for a set of the schematics so I can fix this oversight. Plus I'm going to put some new pots in because the ones that are in now, are very trebly sounding. Plus the saddles really suck, so I guess I'll have to see about get
  5. The only change I did to my G-400 was to put in a Gotoh bridge. Now, if you're thinking of having a new nut installed, have a pro do it. Don't do it on your own if you've never done it before. As far as a new amp is concerned, take a look at a Peavey Vyper. They're the best sounding Solid State Modeling amps out there today. Stay away from the Marshall MG series. Those are nothing but total crap IMO, which are made in India I believe and aren't really dependable at all. Line 6 sucks also.
  6. I had one a few years ago. They're not bad beater guitars, but I wouldn't use one to gig with. IMO, they're good for practicing at home or for beginners.
  7. I would go with a Epi if I was you. IMO, the quality of today's Gibsons have really gone downhill while Epiphone's has drastically improved. I had the chance to try out one of the Les Paul specials with the P-90s and I was in awe at how great it sounded. Now, I'm out looking for one.
  8. I recently got a G-400 Faded Series and here's what I did to get my guitar to stay in tune. 1. I use 9s, so I had to reset the intonation on the bridge saddles. If you know how to intonate a guitar, that shouldn't be any problem. If not then here's what you do. Hit a open string on the one you want to intonate, then hit the 12th fret. If the note is sharp or flat, then adjust the bridge saddle until it's the same as the open note you're playing. 2. I adjusted the string height according to Gibson's standards which are as follows, 12th fret Bass side 5/64-12th fret Treble side 3/64 T
  9. Axl Rose is nothing more than a spoiled P.O.S. who's been spoiled by fame. He alienated everyone in the original lineup of Guns N' Roses with his prima donna attitude , blaming it on being manic depressive. I bet if someone ever gave him a good asskicking, his games would stop.
  10. Definately a fake. Turn this prick in for selling fake Epiphones.
  11. Check out www.stewmac.com ,they have a variety of LP jr /Melody Maker style bridges.
  12. Nobody can hear you fart in the forest when you are all alone!
  13. Do they have Craig's List out there in Australia? If so, post it on there, it won't cost you a thing.
  14. The Zoom John 5 Signature Series pedal goes for $60.00 and comes with a 9 volt adaptor, thus saving you money on batteries. You can get them at www.americanmusical.com
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