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  1. Hi,Good Day;

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  2. A nice round tone is exactly what I would be looking for in the neck. I play mostly rock in the grunge vein, but I would like to learn to play blues. The neck pickup in my dot now sounds, for lack of a better term, dead. It just doesn't have anything going for it at all. In the bridge I would want something that would work well for rhythm tones along the lines of Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Black Sabbath, etc heavier sounding rock. The bridge pickup I have now gets the job done, but it could use some more life as well. Overall I love the guitar itself. I like the size, balance, and weight, and overall feel.
  3. Hey, thanks! I was thinking about a neck P90, but didn't know if that would be possible. I guess anything is possible though. I will look into GFS pickups, and I have already started looking at wiring harnesses via some links I have found here. I'm a little paranoid about taking my guitar apart since it is the only one I have at the moment and I don't want to be without it for very long. Thanks for the advice though, and I will report on my progress.
  4. well, crap. I hate when I post to a forum, and then go on to answer all of my own questions by doing the research I should have done before posting. Makes me feel dopey. Anyway, if you have opinions to share, feel free.
  5. Hola Amigos, I have an epi Dot that I really enjoy playing, but that I would like to get some better tone out of. Specifically, I'm not fond of the neck pickup sound, and so I never use it. The bridge sounds pretty good I guess, but could be better. I get quite a bit of static when plugged in and not playing that I would like to get rid of as well. It isn't hum necessarily, but a crackly static as I move my hands around on the strings. The tone pots leave something to be desired as well; they don't seem to be very functional. So my question is, should I upgrade all of this since I like the guitar, or just start over with a new one? I can't afford the leap to a 335. Everybody really seems to like 57 classics in the dot, so I though maybe I would do that. Can one buy pups and complete electronics at one source? Is this a thing I might be ale to do on my own? I am mechanical, but don't know anything about electronics yet.
  6. Hola Amigos. I recently traded my G400 for a Dot. Overall I am happy with the trade. I prefer the balance of the Dot (G400 is so neck heavy) and I like the neck profile better. I love the tone on both guitars. The one problem I have is that the Dot seems to be really susceptible to static. It isn't pot scratchiness, but rather static that is transmitted from my hands to the strings, and through the pickups and amp. It isn't overbearing, but it is annoying. My G400 was virtually silent in terms of static and hum. It was really impressive actually, and I expected the Dot to be similar. Is this a typical Dot issue, or did I get the short end of the stick on this trade? I didn't notice it at first. Maybe I wasn't "charged" enough at the time. I'm not one to take apart my guitar beyond small setup adjustments, so if this is something that needs fixing, I'll just be taking it to a tech. If it is a common Dot problem that can't be solved without hemorrhaging cash, I'll just be super bummed that I didn't do the research first.
  7. I gave the screw that raises/lowers the treble side of the treble pickup about 1/4 of a turn, and the buzzing went away. So that at least identifies where the problem is. If it comes back, I'll try the rest of your suggestions. Thanks!
  8. Hello Epiphone people, and G400 people specifically. Have any of you had issues with acoustic buzzing coming from the area around the neck pickup? I think I have narrowed it down to the plastic mounting piece that surrounds the pickup. I notice it while tuning the A string. It buzzes as soon as I get it in tune, and constantly thereafter whenever I hit an open A. I don't think any of this is coming through the amp, but it is still annoying. I often play unplugged at work or late at night at home. I've asked my tech to look at it, and of course the classic scenario of "it only happens when nobody else is listening" occurred, so he couldn't find anything. It seems to come and go. Typical Epi problem, or have I got a misbehaving guitar?
  9. I'm no tone freak, and haven't owned many guitars, but I think my G400 pickups sound great. I don't anticipate changing them. I usually have them split rather than one or the other selected. If I do select one position, it is Rhythm. I don't care for the Treble position on its own, but that is probably just my current taste. I'm sure someday I'll find a use for it.
  10. I'm late to this party, but I like ATDI. I'm glad that there are still people willing to push the boundaries of what's sane or tasteful. There would surely be no rock without those people. It would have died long ago, if it was ever born in the first place. There have always been, and always will be people who say "that's not music" and I hope there will always be people who completely ignore them.
  11. Who? The 'Mats or The Clash? The Replacements are from Minneapolis, so they certainly weren't unoticed there. As usual though, it all depends on who you were/are listening to. The Replacements never got much airplay. You had to go see them or buy the records. The Clash got a little more airplay and were bigger, but not Van Halen big. You couldn't turn on the radio without hearing Van Halen, so they were everywhere, and had an entirely different appeal than bands like the 'Mats and the Clash. I'm too young to have seen the Replacements, but I sure wish I could have been at some of their shows.
  12. Huge Replacements fan here. The Clash were awesome though, and arguably the "better" band. I need to listen to them more.
  13. I'm thinking combo this time. More portable for when I finally start playing outside of my house and my teacher's studio. I I'm going to give it some more thought though. In the meantime I have a 40w solid state combo that is totally adequate, just not very cool.
  14. I've already boxed it up and will be returning it tomorrow. I think I got a lemon. I'll try a Valve Jr. this time.
  15. Hey guys. So I recently bought a Kustom Defender 5H and matching 1X12 cab, and have been seriously disappointed. I think some of my disappointment has to do with the fact that I really didn't know what I was buying.. "It sounds decent, and it looks cool. I'll take it!" What is the difference in using an a) 1/4" speaker wire b)1/4" Instrument lead or c) Patch cable to connect a head to a speaker? I bought the head online (dumb move, i think) and to my dismay it didn't come with a cable. So I used a short lead that I had lying around, and it worked.. for awhile. Then I noticed an abnormal amount of popping and snapping coming from the speaker at random times whether or not I was playing. After that, a faint warbling and squealing, and what sounded like mice inside of the cab. I called Kustom, they said it sounded like a bad tube and that I should send it back. But they said I could also try using a speaker cable instead of the lead I was using. I bought a new cable at my local guitar shop, and it actually got worse. After about 2 minutes of being powered on, I think I saw a spark inside the head. Did I potentially fry something by using the wrong kind of cable? I was careful to use the 16ohm hookups according to the owners manual. I don't think I'll get another one. I might just go with a combo this time, maybe a Valve Junior or the little Vox. People seem to like those.
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